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dc.contributor.authorHsiao, Yi-Chenen_US
dc.contributor.authorWang, Sue-Fungen_US
dc.description.abstract隨著4G行動通訊技術日趨成熟,國際電信組織與科技大廠相繼投入下一世代行動寬頻技術(5G)標準制定與技術布局。行動通訊技術每個世代交替對網通設備產業而言是商機,但也是新一波的挑戰,預期下世代行動通訊設施將產生重大變革。台灣網通設備產業多以ODM/OEM業務為主,並在全球通訊產業中扮演重要之ODM/OEM研發暨生產重鎮,其中WLAN、Cable CPE、xDSL CPE、Switch、4G接取產品、IP STB等之產值市佔率皆居全球第一。在展望5G帶來之無限商機的同時,台灣網通設備廠商該如何提升自身核心能力以建立競爭優勢,於產業逐漸紅海化之趨勢中找到屬於自己的藍海,以擺脫後進者之追逐,同時迎頭趕上國際大廠腳步實屬關鍵課題。 本研究透過台灣網通設備產業發展趨勢與特質之探討,歸納台灣網通設備ODM/OEM廠重視之關鍵核心能力,並以前八大ODM/OEM公司為研究對象,藉由杜邦三角關係模型中之各項財務指標分別衡量其各項核心能力的領先情形,進而推論各競爭優勢類型對總資產報酬率的影響力後,按Michael Porter競爭優勢理論發展出各自最佳競爭策略,以求更有機會達到增加附加價值的終極目標。zh_TW
dc.description.abstractFollowing the maturation of 4G technology, international telecommunication organizations and large technology companies are all working on 5G standards setting and technology deployment. The successive transitions to each generation of communications technology bring not only business opportunities for the communications equipment industry, but also a new wave of challenges. A new revolution on the next generation of communications equipment is expected to come. Taiwan's communications equipment industry mainly focuses on ODM/OEM contract manufacturing. They play important roles in the global communications industry, covering research & development and production. In terms of production value, they account for the largest market share for WLAN, cable, XDSL, 4G receivers, IP STB, etc. At the same time that 5G is expected to bring many potential opportunities, it becomes even more important to Taiwan’s communications equipment companies to strengthen their core competencies and build competitive advantages, as well as create their own blue oceans as the industry gradually trends towards a more competitive red ocean to not only breakaway from the competition but also to catch up to the large multinational companies. This research reviewed the Taiwan communications equipment industry’s development trend and characteristics to identify the key core competencies that are emphasized in this industry. Through financial ratios in Dupont Triangle Model, the study analyzed the leading status of the core competency among the top 8 communications equipment OEM/ODM companies, and to further infer how competitive advantage impacts the returns on total assets. Finally, Porter's competitive advantage theory was applied to develop each company’s optimal competitive strategy, in order to have more opportunities of achieving the ultimate goal of increasing value-add.en_US
dc.subjectCommunications equipment industryen_US
dc.subjectcompetitive advantageen_US
dc.subjectcompetitive strategyen_US
dc.titleA study on the business model and competitive advantage of top 8 companies in communications equipment industryen_US
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