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dc.contributor.authorHung, Sheng-Fengen_US
dc.contributor.authorJau, Wen-Chenen_US
dc.description.abstract本研究為針對不同活性的卜作嵐材料,找出最佳的使用比例。現在的工程界中,使用混凝土是必然的。隨著時代的進步與工程技術的不斷攀升,混凝土的品質要求相對也愈高,且時常得考慮經濟性的需求,因此常使用礦物摻料取代部分粉體。 由於混凝土的配比會因為各個工程的需求不同而迥然有異,因此在實驗中只使用一個配比,較好比較不同的卜作嵐材料及活性之間的排列組合中,尋求最佳的使用比例。而在養護環境上有分在70%的相對濕度環境以及100%的相對濕度(即純水中)去進行各個實驗並且比較。實驗項目有:抗壓試驗、劈裂抗張試驗、體積穩定試驗、重量變化試驗、表面電阻試驗、氯離子穿透試驗。 研究結果顯示,在試驗的31組配比當中,並沒有哪一個配比是最好的配比,而是要看工程需求。例如:需要求較高的抗壓強度,則選擇較高活性的卜作嵐材料較為恰當。但無論是哪一個配比,相對濕度100%的養護環境確實是比相對濕度70%的養護環境要來的好,且養護齡期也很重要,由試驗結果也可以看出齡期愈久,其相關的數據也愈佳。 卜作嵐材料的活性對混凝土最大的影響在於:若活性愈大,其水化反應的效果會愈好,其產生的C-S-H膠體較為完整,對於抗壓強度及氯離子穿透試驗的影響較大。zh_TW
dc.description.abstractThe purpose of the research is to find out the best mixture proportion for different reactivities of pozzolan materials. In nowadays of engineering, it’s necessary to use concrete for constructing. With the progress of the times and the technology, the quality requirements of concrete have to be in high level as well. Also, we have to consider the requirements of the economy. Consequently, we often use various mineral admixtures to replace part of cement. Because the mixture of proportion will be different from the requirements of construction, we take one proportion to do the experiment. In this way, it’s more convenient to compare different proportions of pozzolan materials to figure out the best proportion. For the curing environments, we divide relative humidity into 70% and 100% to conduct experiments and compare the results. The experimental items including: compressive strength test, tensile splitting strength test, volume stability test, weight-change determination test, surface electric resistance test, and rapid chloride permeability test. The results show that in these 31 proportions, there are no exactly the best proportion. It has to see the requirements of the engineering. For instance, if the requirement is that the concrete has to be in high compressive strength, then choose high reactive pozzolan materials is the better way. No matter which proportion it is, the relative humidity into 100% is often better than 70%, and the curing days is also important. According to the results of the experiments, the curing days are longer, the results of the experimental data are better. The effect of the reactivity of pozzolan materials for concrete is that, if the reactivity is higher, it’s hydration reaction will get much better and the C-S-H gel it makes will be much more complete. This will have great impact on compressive strength and rapid chloride permeability test.en_US
dc.subjectpozzolanic materialsen_US
dc.titleThe effect of the mixture proportion on the reactivity of pozzolanic materialsen_US
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