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dc.contributor.authorLi, Kuo-Anen_US
dc.contributor.authorHung, Chih-Youngen_US
dc.description.abstract西元1995年以來,網路服務快速崛起,其便利性吸引大量使用者,並產生大量數位資料,為了因應系統運算與儲存等需求,網路服務業者開始自建大型資料中心,後來進一步發展為雲端服務商業模式。而過去幾年來,在雲端運算(Cloud Computing)及巨量資料(Big Data)這二大新興科技技術推波助瀾之下,全球軟硬體大廠無不卯足全力投入,甚至轉型提升服務的範圍和層次,因此雲端運算產業近年來成為國內重點推廣的產業服務。 本研究將利用『策略前瞻』的運作模式所涵蓋的六個主要部分,分別為:Framing、Scanning、Forecasting、Visioning、Planning 以及Acting。因此首先針對國內外雲端運算產業背景與現況做概略的了解。接下來在預測的步驟,邀集產學研方面的專家針對我國雲端產業供應鏈作分析,首先針對整體雲端產業供應鏈的每個環節做內在商業模式與外在經營環境配套措施多面向的評估,了解國內廠商在每一個環節可以掌握的機會發展有哪些外在的經營配套措施或是內在的商業模式或研發關鍵技術應該要先採行的動作,再依據所獲得的因子作層次分析法的分析,建議國內廠商應該可以在每個雲端運算產業的環節需要著重的發展方向,最後提出因子的重要性排序,期望可以提供國內廠商更有效的資訊。zh_TW
dc.description.abstractSince A.D. 1995, the rapid rise of network services, which attracts a large number of user, and produce large amounts of digital data. For systems computing and storage requirements, internet service providers begin to build large-scale data centers. And they develop the cloud services business model further. In the past few years, the two emerging technologies : Cloud Computing & Big Data fueled the demand. Global hardware and software manufacturers are mustering their efforts to invest in these, even restructuring to enhance the scope and level of services. So cloud computing industry is become the focus industry in recent years. The study focused on the model of “Strategic Foresight”. There are six parts of the model : Framing, Scanning, Forecasting, Visioning, Planning and Acting. First, the study scanned the outline of domestic and foreign cloud computing industry's background and present situation. Then the predicting step is that the experts who are invited do the analysis for the supply chain of domestic cloud computing industry. The experts do the internal and external business environment evaluation for the whole cloud computing industry, and understand the key factors for the external business environment and internal business model or key technologies development. And base on these factors, do the Analytic Hierarchy Process(AHP). Finally, The study proposed the importance order of factors. The expectation can offer more effective information to the domestic cloud computing industry.en_US
dc.subjectCloud Computingen_US
dc.subjectStrategic Foresighten_US
dc.titleStrategic Foresight of Cloud Computing Industry in Taiwanen_US
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