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1-Aug-2013Ambient temperature SNAD process treating anaerobic digester liquor of swine wastewaterDaverey, Achlesh; Hung, Nien-Tzu; Dutta, Kasturi; Lin, Jih-Gaw; 環境工程研究所; Institute of Environmental Engineering
2010Characteristics of Zinc Oxide Thin Film Transistors Fabricated by Location-Controlled Hydrothermal MethodYang, P. Y.; Wang, J. L.; Tsai, W. C.; Wang, S. J.; Chen, P. C.; Su, N. C.; Lin, J. C.; Lee, I. C.; Chang, C. T.; Wei, Y. C.; Cheng, H. C.; 電子工程學系及電子研究所; Department of Electronics Engineering and Institute of Electronics
1-Sep-2013Long-wavelength electroluminescence of InGaAs-capped type-II GaSb/GaAs quantum-rings at room temperatureLin, Wei-Hsun; Wang, Kai-Wei; Lin, Shih-Yen; Wu, Meng-Chyi; 光電學院; 光電工程學系; College of Photonics; Department of Photonics
2013Exploring spatio-temporal dynamics of an optically pumped semiconductor laser with intracavity second harmonic generationLee, Y. C.; Liang, H. C.; Tung, J. C.; Su, K. W.; Chen, Y. F.; Hunag, K. F.; 電子物理學系; Department of Electrophysics
1-Jun-2013A comparison of two chromosome representation schemes used in solving a family-based scheduling problemChen, Chen-Fu; Wu, Muh-Cherng; Li, Yi-Hsun; Tai, Pang-Hao; Chiou, Chie-Wun; 工業工程與管理學系; Department of Industrial Engineering and Management
1-Nov-2013Fabrication of large-scale single-crystal Cu(In, Ga)Se-2 nanotip arrays solar cell by one-step ion milling processesWang, Yi-Chung; Yen, Yu-Ting; Liu, Chin-Hung; Chen, Chia-Hsiang; Kuo, Wei-Chen; Juang, Jenh-Yih; Lai, Chih-Huang; Chueh, Yu-Lun; 電子物理學系; Department of Electrophysics
1-Jan-2012Signal Enhancement by Particle Concentration Using Dielectrophoresis in an Electrowetting-driven DropletChuo, Tsung-Min; Shih, Po-Huai; Hsu, Wensyang; Huang, Cheng-Yeh; Huang, Yu-Shan; Chen, Yu-Tong; Fan, Shih-Kan; 交大名義發表; National Chiao Tung University
15-Apr-2013A proteomic approach to study molecular mechanisms of andrographolide-mediated degradation of Src oncoproteins.Liu, Sheng-Hung; Chen, Pei-Fen; Lin, Chao-Hsiung; Sun, Chung-Ming; Chi, Chin-Wen; Fu, Shu-Ling; 應用數學系; Department of Applied Mathematics
25-Mar-2012Molecularly imprinted ZrO2 photonic-crystal sensors exhibiting high sensitivity and quick responseChang, Sue-min; Fang, Chih-hsiang; 環境工程研究所; Institute of Environmental Engineering
19-Aug-2012Effects of surface doped metal ions on the photocatalytic activity of titanium dioxideLiu, Wei S.; Chang, Sue-min; 環境工程研究所; Institute of Environmental Engineering