Title: FMCG產業的線上通路策略之研究-以食品品類為例
Online Channel Strategy of FMCG Industry – Using Food Category as an Example
Authors: 蔡家宜
Tsai, Chia-Yi
Tang, Ying Chan
Keywords: FMCG;食品業;線上零售通路;成長模型;電子商務;FMCG;Food Category;Online Channel;Growth Model;E-commerce
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: 隨著數位浪潮下,電子商務的興起,網路店家如雨後春筍般的成立,線上通路至今已是零售廠商的必備通路之一,網路世代演進下,線上購物已漸漸成為消費者交易的另一個容易且便利的方式,但隨之衍伸的Showrooming問題是零售商所關心的。究竟線上通路只是取代了實體通路的銷售額抑或是相輔相成? 又究竟是每個產業或品類皆適用於線上通路嗎? 本篇研究FMCG產業中食品行業增設線上通路的可行性。探討手邊現有資料以A公司的線上銷售額是否有樂觀的成長來闡述其「食品行業線上通路的策略制訂與安排」。在本篇採用「應用HLM重複測度的成長模型」來分析線上通路的成長趨勢,此研究方法是過去鮮少應用在研究通路的統計方法。另外,過去文獻主要是針對整體的線上零售通路做分析,尚未針對特定產業和行業做深入的了解。本篇認為不同產業與行業有其獨特性,因此選定手邊有的資料-食品行業中的品類著手做分析。在本篇除了可以深入了解食品行業的品類線上通路成長趨勢外,亦可以透過本篇瞭解HLM可持續應用在將來的彈性與廣度。
With digital wave, the rise of e-commerce and more and more online shop established, the online channel has become one of the retailer’s necessary channels. With network evolution, shopping and purchasing online has become an easy and convenient way for customers to finish their transaction. But when we face this digital era, there are issues of “showrooming” for retailers to concern about. “Does online channel really help companies to boost company’s sales or it just substitutes sales from physical channels? “Besides, “Are every industry or category adequate for online channel?” In this article, a study on the feasibility of adding a new online channel for the food category in FMCG industry. Taking “A” company as an example, measuring whether online sales have an optimistic growth and using the result to explain the appropriate strategy of the online channel in the food category. This article, through use the statistic method of HLM which applied to Growth Model to analyze the growth trend of online sales. This kind of measurement method is rarely used in analyzing this topic. Using this statistic method to analyze sales growth trend can also make us more understand how to apply a different way to measure the performance of online sales. Besides, in the previous paper, we can find almost of them analyze the whole retail market and that may ignore the existence of industry characteristics can also influence the result. This article analyzing available data from A company and the result will help readers not only understand about suitable of channel strategy of food category for A company, but also HLM is a flexible, and breadth way that can be continued applied in the future.
URI: http://etd.lib.nctu.edu.tw/cdrfb3/record/nctu/#GT070353728
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