Title: 以軟體定義網路實作社群網路視訊串流服務之流量管理
Traffic Management of the Characteristics of Video Streaming Services over SDN
Authors: 金永
Jhavik Gaudenar, bfern kignoumba
Lin, Bao-Shuh Paul
Keywords: 影片串流;服務質量;軟體定義網路;帶寬;丟失率;抖動;Video streaming;QoS;SDN;Bandwidth;loss rate;jitter
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: 隨著網路的成長以及網頁多媒體資料的高需求,業界和學界極度關注網路上的視訊串流。因此,使用視訊串流服務也越來越普遍,並且流量也隨著高速網路與許多使用者使用視訊串流服務而增加。這些產生了巨大的流量。用戶希望有著清晰及高解析度的影像,這樣的網路需求需要有著更好的效率與彈性。在網路中,這是難以達到的現實。因此,使用軟體定義網路(SDN)可以增加用戶的體驗,集中SDN控制器提供了可行性與彈性去控制流量,這給了我們瀏覽全域的網路。這是重要的分析及知道未知的視訊串流特徵,為了適當的管理流量。 本論文提出一個方法,能夠讓視訊串流透過設定使之有最高優先權,以提供更好的服務品質。
With the extreme growth of the internet and the high demand of the multimedia data on the web, the industry and academia have given an enormous attention on video streaming over the internet. Therefore the use of video streaming services is getting more common and the traffic volume keeps increasing with high speed over the internet since many users may be using video streaming services at the same instance. These generate a giant volume of data traffic. Users desire streaming services with clear and high-resolution images and this requires a network with better efficiency and flexibility. That is difficult to achieve with the actual network. Therefore, using Software Define Networking can increase the quality of experience of the users; since the centralized SDN controller provides the feasibility and flexibility to control the flow traffic, which gives us the global view of the network. It will be important to analyze and understand the unknown traffic characteristics of video streaming services in order to suitably manage the traffic. In this thesis, we have presented a way to make the video streaming distribution better by setting the video as the highest priority in order to provide a better quality of service.
URI: http://etd.lib.nctu.edu.tw/cdrfb3/record/nctu/#GT070356555
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