Title: 一個基於加強進階訊息佇列協定的橢圓曲線加密算法
An Elliptic Curve Cryptography Algorithm Based On An Enhance Advanced Message Queuing Protocol
Authors: 蔡善智
Cai, Shan Zhi
Lo, Chi-Chun
Keywords: 訊息導向中介軟體;進階訊息佇列協定;橢圓曲線加密;Message-Oriented Middleware;Advanced Message Queuing Protocol;Elliptic Curve Cryptography
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: 近年來,隨著無線網路的快速發展,跨平台通訊用的訊息導向中介軟體( message-oriented middleware )已經變得十分普遍,無所不在,且在這互聯網流行的議題上,如何讓智慧型移動裝置於異質平台服務中,能有快速又安全的資訊傳遞功能,將是一個重要的研究目標。因此本論文採用進階訊息佇列協定(Advanced Message Queuing Protocol )作為訊息傳遞基礎,並搭配橢圓曲線加密( Elliptic Curve Cryptography ),來保護資料安全,目的是透過加密把資料切割成區塊密文,再利用的混合式路由篩選方法,將資料平均分配至訊息佇列中儲存,最後解密並還原資料;藉此達到讓機密資訊使用者只需選擇適合的路由篩選方法,不須因資安問題,新增或修改應用程式本身,便可擁有高隱密資料傳輸所帶來的便利與彈性,符合快速又安全的異質平台數據傳輸目標。本方法建議在192 /224 bit橢圓曲線加密下搭配混合式路由篩選方法的雙工傳輸模式( Duplex-method )可達最佳傳輸效能與資安防護效果。
In recent years, with the rapid development of Internet, cross-platform communications with message-oriented middleware (message-oriented middleware) has become very widespread, ubiquitous, and the Internet in this popular issue, how to make smart mobile device heterogeneous platform to the service, to have information quickly and safely transfer function, will be an important research goal. Therefore, this paper uses Advanced Message Queuing Agreement (Advanced Message Queuing Protocol) as the basis for message passing, and with elliptic curve cryptography (Elliptic Curve Cryptography), to protect information security, aimed at cutting through the encryption of the data a block cipher text, hybrid routing screening methods reuse the materials evenly to the message queue storage, and finally decrypt and restore data; thereby allow confidential information to reach users only need to select the appropriate routing screening methods, not shall be due to information security issues, add or modify the application itself, you can have a high data transfer secret brings flexibility and convenience, quickly and safely meet the heterogeneous platform data transfer destination. This method is recommended 192/224 bit elliptic curve cryptography with lower hybrid duplex transmission mode (Duplex-method) can reach the optimum transmission performance and information security protection effect routing screening methods.
URI: http://etd.lib.nctu.edu.tw/cdrfb3/record/nctu/#GT070363422
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