Title: 遵循LEED綠建築規範進行光電廠製程Exhaust系統設計與測試研究
Exhaust system of the optical power plant process designand test Complied with the LEED Green Building Code
Authors: 戴双喜
陳 俊 勳
徐 一 量
Chen, Chiun-Hsun
Shu, Yi-Liang
Keywords: LEED;測試;光電面板;節能;省電;LEED;testing;photovoltaic panels;energy;saving
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: 高科技產業之產能為了達到較高之生產良率,能源的使用常常被過度設計,初建廠時未進行最佳之生產條件測試,因而造成大量能源的浪費。包含製程機台排氣量,其實生產時只需要符合最適排氣量,但大部分生產機台皆未做過此項測試,如何應驗最適(最小)抽氣量;進而達到低污染生產?這需要整體考量並從設計、測試到應證逐一進行,才能達到降低耗能,符合企業形象及節能表現。 科技廠房對於能源及水和電力的使用需求量及品質具有比較高的標準,本研究以美國現行綠建築LEED為規範,在空調系統能源的部分進行分析、探討及測試,並以光電面板廠排氣風機運轉電力為重點,依照LEED綠建築規範的主要項目進行相關測試,希望能建構適合科技廠房綠建築「節能」與「電力」方面之評估指標與工具的建議。 並藉由光電面板廠房及文獻資料蒐集、分析及實務性探討,對科技廠房新建工程之「節能指標」及「電力資源指標」等各層面進行測試,以衡量是否能達到「綠色科技廠房節能省電」之標準,並將測試模式內之各別影響因子提出建議。其次彙整相關節能省電之技術,具體落實以期達到節能省電的效益。
The capacity of the high-tech industry to achieve higher standards of production yield, energy use is often over-designed, not the optimal production conditions at the beginning of the test plant, resulting in a lot of energy waste. Contains process displacement machine, in fact, the production only need to meet the optimum displacement, but most of the production machine garnered done this test, how fulfilled optimal (minimum) amount of exhaust; thus achieving low pollution production? This requires consideration and one by one from the overall design, testing should permit, in order to reduce energy consumption, in line with the corporate image and energy performance. Plant science and technology and the demand for the use of quality energy and water and electricity have a relatively high standard, this study is the current US Green Building LEED standard, analyzed in some air-conditioning system energy to explore and test, and photovoltaic panels plant row gas turbine power operation, focusing on green building codes in accordance with LEED major projects related tests, hoping to plant science and technology for the construction of green buildings "energy efficiency" and "electricity" aspect of the evaluation index and tool recommendations. By photovoltaic panels and workshops and literature data collection, analysis and substantive discussion on science and technology at all levels of new construction plant "energy efficiency indicators" and "power resource targets" and other tests to measure whether achieve "green technology energy-saving plant electrical standards, "and the test mode within individual factor in making recommendations. Second, the aggregate related energy saving technologies, in order to achieve concrete implementation of energy saving benefits.
URI: http://etd.lib.nctu.edu.tw/cdrfb3/record/nctu/#GT079866508
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