Title: 基於視覺計算方法之直反式三維互動系統
3D Interactive System Based on Vision Computing of Direct-flective Cameras
Authors: 李璿
Li, Xuan
Shieh, Han-Ping D.
Huang, Yi-Pai
Keywords: 三維互動;電腦視覺;指尖搜尋;人機介面;3D Interaction system;computer vision;Fingertip searching;user-machine interface
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: 3D顯示器在現今可以在非常多不同尺寸的顯示器上被達成,例如:大尺寸的3D電視、中尺寸的3D顯示器,甚至在小尺寸的行動裝置都可以見到其蹤跡。然而在小尺寸的行動裝置上,人機互動介面依然是非常不直覺的二維互動方式,難以提供使用者足夠友善的互動介面。即使現今已有許多不同基於嵌入式光偵測器的方式被提出解決這樣的人機介面所存在的問題,但是最遠的工作範圍依然只有10公分,在某些應用上依舊不足。在本篇論文中,一個利用相機作為偵測器的三維互動系統被提出,同時兩個相機的視野盲區問題也被消除。 利用直反式相機作為偵測器,以顯示器作為原點,1.5公分至50公分皆為該系統的互動區域。此外,不同於傳統的膚色偵測方法,基於視覺計算之方法也被提出用來偵測指尖位置。在靠近顯示器的近場區域與遠離顯示器的遠場區域,系統的平均誤差皆小於1公分,達成了一個可以互動的浮空觸控系統,使得使用者與內容供應商能在3D顯示擁有更直覺、更多不同內容的體驗。
3D display can be achieved on many kind of devices, such as television, monitor even the mobile devices. However, in the mobile device, the interaction dimension still remains in a non-intuitive 2D. Even though many embedded optical sensor solution has been proposed, the working range still below 10 cm, which is not sufficient for some of the application. In this thesis, a camera based 3D interaction system, solving the problem of the blind working range has been proposed. A bare finger 3D air-touch interactive technology for portable devices is developed. Using directive-flective optical design on camera modules, the interactive range is workable from 1.5 cm to 50 cm above the entire surface of the display. Moreover, the motion vision computing, different from skin color detection, is presented to determine the position of fingertips. The position mean errors are of less than 1 cm. This accuracy realizes a camera-based interactive system allowing for near-distance 3D air-touch functionality. Therefore, floating 3D images can be touched and interacted with, potentially creating more application and intuitive human machine interface.
URI: http://etd.lib.nctu.edu.tw/cdrfb3/record/nctu/#GT070350607
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