Title: 一個基於開放原始碼的網路管理平台 - 以Y學校為案例
An Open Source based Network Management Platform - A Case Study of Senior High School Y
Authors: 高旭昇
Kao, Hsu-Sheng
Lo, Chi-Chun
Keywords: 網路管理;ISO網路管理;監控系統;Network Management System;ISO ISO-7498.4;Monitoring System
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: 在網路發達以及相關服務盛行的現代,大部份的企業、機關運作均仰賴網路所提供的服務。若沒有做好網路基礎的管理機制,不但營運風險提高也易造成企業有形上或無形上的損失。普遍一般傳統企業、機關對資訊科技的使用較為落後,也比較不重視網路管理問題。本研究提出一個使用開放原始碼軟體的網路管理平台,以協助這些單位不用花費過大的成本,循序實踐方便可靠的網路管理機制。本研究依據ISO-7498.4所定義網路管理的五大功能領域:故障管理、帳務管理、組態管理、效能管理以及安全管理,並評估目標單位的特性與面臨較急迫的需求,提出符合需求之網路管理。依此方式在目前並無相關管理方式的Y學校進行導入,讓非專職的網路管理人員,可以即時監控校園資訊服務狀況,減低人員的負擔。實驗導入的結果,可以達到網路管理的目的以及預期中降低成本的目標,成效良好。
The usage of network services are more and more in nowadays, most business methods of enterprises and institutions are all rely on it. So it is important to implement network infrastructure management to prevent business impact and loss. In traditional companies or institutions, they lack the abilities of network management and didn’t have a complete solution to make it work. This study wants to provide an open source based network management platform to help them building up the management system with lower cost. The platform is based on ISO-7498.4 standard that defines the five key function areas, include of Fault Management, Accounting Management, Configuration Management, Performance Management and Security Management. Depends on the priority needs of the institution and provide a suitable management for them. By this way the unprofessional network administrator can be noticed the services' outage on time and monitoring the network capacity in an easy way. According to the result that the goals of cost down and network management were made.
URI: http://etd.lib.nctu.edu.tw/cdrfb3/record/nctu/#GT070363405
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