Title: 導言:新馬客家
Introduction to Studies on Hakka in Singapore and Malaysia
Authors: 黃賢強
Sin Kiong Wong
Keywords: 新馬;客家;文化;認同;族群互動;Singapore-Malaysia;Hakka;culture;identity;dialect group interaction
Issue Date: Nov-2017
Publisher: 國立交通大學客家文化學院
College of Hakka Studies
Abstract: 新馬客家文化與跨國商業網絡的關係、客家移民與僑鄉的聯係、客家與其他族群的互動、以及客家人的自我認同和他人認同分別為「新馬客家」專題論文四篇文章的焦點。本專輯的每篇文章在研究方法、研究對象、以及學科的切入方面都有所不同,正可顯示新馬客家研究的多題材和多研究視角的特點。
The study of Singapore-Malaysia Hakka is the theme of this special issue. The focus of the 4 thematic articles includes relationship between Hakka culture and trans-national business network, connection between Hakka immigrants and their home villages, interaction between Hakka people and other dialect groups, and self-identity and recognition of others. Each article adopts a different research method, focuses on a different research subject, and utilizes a different disciplinary approach. This special issue showcases the multi-thematic and multi-perspective characteristics of the studies on the Hakka in Singapore and Malaysia.
URI: http://ghk.nctu.edu.tw/issueArticle.asp?P_No=46&CA_ID=488
ISSN: 2310-8438
Journal: 全球客家研究
Global Hakka Studies
Volume: 9
Begin Page: 67
End Page: 76
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