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Collection's Items (Sorted by Issue Date in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 121
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Mar-1974The Migrating Energy for Dislocation kink謝正雄; J.S.Shie
Mar-1974Some Fundamental Problems in the Theory of Queues陳華燦; Wah-Chun Chan
Mar-1974Minimum Test Sets for Fan-Out Free Networks and Two-Level Networks李新滿; Shin-Maan Lee; Charles A. Harlow
Mar-1974The Aluminum P-Silicon Schottky Barrier—Its Barrier Height and Spectral Response under Low Irradiance馮德昭; 胡定華; Der-Jau Fung; Ding-Hua Hu
Mar-1974Study of the Blocking Effect of a Langmuir Probe in Medium Pressure Plasma Measurement鄭信力; Jen-shih Chang; Sin-Li Chen
Mar-1974The Correlation Between CO2-N2-He Discharge and CO2 Laser黃廣志; 林緒德; 祁甡; K.C.Huang; S.D.Lin; S.Chi
Mar-1974Optimal Singular Control Computation by Epsilon Technique李茂全; 唐明月; M.C.Lee; M.Y.Tarng
Mar-1974Nullator's Stability Criterion for Linear, Time-Invariant Passive Networks呂福釗; 劉瑞文; Fu-Chao Lu; Ruey-Wen Liu
Mar-1974Effect of Band Structure on Longitudinal Magnetoresistance in Semimetals and Semiconductors吳啟宗; 蔡健三; Chhi-Chong Wu; Jensan Tsai
Mar-1974A Self-biased Replacement Algorithm using the Characteristics of Markovean Program Model鄭武皇; 許濬; Wu-Haung Cheng; Jiunn Hsu
Mar-1974On the Modeling of Paging Algorithm by Finite Automata楊超植; C.C.Yang
Mar-1974Stability of Nonlinear Systems with Characteristic Equations Having Complex Coefficients蔡義從; 韓光渭; Y.T.Tsay; K.W.Han
Mar-1974A Study on Measures on Nonmeasurable Subsets林妙英; Maiow-Ing Lin
Mar-1974An On-Line Circuit Design System郭南宏; 鍾乾癸; 黃炎松; Nan-Hung Kuo; Chyan Goei Chung; Yen Son Huang
Mar-1974A FORTRAN Program for Calculating the Mean Square Values of the Electron Momenta in N-Electron Atoms He-Kr李維銘; Lee Wei Ming
Mar-1974Lower Bounds of Inner Products鄧清政; Teng Ching Chen
Mar-1974A Note on the Solution of a Difference Equation with Three Indices郭南宏; 王樂羣; Nan-Hung Kuo; Leh-Chyun Wang
Feb-1973Large-Signal Analysis of BARITT Diodes褚冀良; 施敏; J.L.Chu; S.M.Sze
Feb-1973Analysis of Low Frequency Fluctuations in an Arc Discharge Column黃廣志; 鄭珍利; K.C.Huang; J.L.Cheng
Collection's Items (Sorted by Issue Date in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 121
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