Title: 客家族譜線上書寫:以資訊視覺化技術建置客家族譜數位平臺
Online Hakka Genealogy Writing: Using Visualization Techniques for Hakka Genealogy Information System
Authors: 張陳基
Chen-Chi Chang and Kuo-Chao Lee
Keywords: 客家族譜;族譜書寫;時間地圖;資料視覺化;線上族譜;Hakka Genealogy;Online Genealogy;Time Map;Pedigree Chart;Genealogy Writing
Issue Date: Nov-2016
Publisher: 國立交通大學客家文化學院
College of Hakka Studies
Abstract: 客家族譜具有三項視覺化特性,包括遷徙路線圖、風水地理記錄、世系圖錄。客家人所重視的世系表需要以動態視覺化方式呈現,遷徙圖與墳塋風水也需要結合Google Map 視覺資訊建構家族動態遷徙路線圖以及風水位置繪製功能。透過資訊科技撰寫客家族譜,保存客家文化,引領家族尋根,強化族群認同。以資訊視覺化技術建置客家族譜數位平臺,透過雛型系統開發法,建構客家族譜文獻內容,並藉由使用者經驗評估,瞭解系統成效。視覺化後的客家族譜透過世系圖表、遷徙地圖、地理風水的視覺化書寫,可以呈現客家人的族譜特色,以釐清客家族群的地理脈絡以及家族歷史發展。
The concept of ancestor is really important for Hakka families. Hakka genealogy was often recorded in the form charts and written as narratives. This system adapted visualization techniques to write and collect Hakka genealogy and describe the family history. This platform contains (1) dynamic pedigree charts
(2) family history with immigration
and (3) Timemap with Google map. This study helps family and researchers seeking out the connection and family history with visualization techniques.
URI: http://ghk.nctu.edu.tw/issueArticle.asp?P_No=44&CA_ID=468
ISSN: 2310-8436
Journal: 全球客家研究
Global Hakka Studies
Volume: 7
Begin Page: 227
End Page: 263
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