Title: 虛擬攝影棚在台灣電視節目製作之替代效果研究
Substitution Effects of Virtual Studios on Taiwanese TV Broadcasting
Authors: 黃靜蓉張宏宇
J. Sonia Huang
Hong-Yu Chang
Keywords: 虛擬攝影棚;替代效果;採用率;電視節目製作;台灣;virtual studios;substitution effect;rate of adoption;TV broadcasting;Taiwan
Issue Date: Jan-2016
Publisher: 國立交通大學傳播與科技學系和台灣資訊社會研究學會
National Chiao Tung University. Taiwan Academy for Information Society.
Abstract: 自從1994年虛擬攝影棚技術問世以來,多數廠商認為這項發明將為電視節目帶來科技和製作的契機,因此陸續投入研發的行列。20年過去了,虛擬攝影棚的效益和限制為何?是否足以替代傳統實景棚?本研究以台灣為研究範圍,分析5家電視台,分別是台視、中視、華視、東森、和壹電視,蒐集205個節目和68份專家問卷資料,結果顯示虛擬攝影棚的採用率約只有三成,而新聞是唯一一種節目類型具備超過五成採用率。此外,本研究也發現9個可以代表目前台灣電視產業採用虛擬棚所獲致效益和限制的共變數。
Virtual studios (VSs) have had an immense impact on TV broadcasters who are excited by both the technology and the potential for enhancing their own productions. However, it remains to be determined whether VSs have substituted real background sets since their introduction in 1994 and what the benefits and the limitations are. This study analyzed 205 programs and collected 68 expert questionnaires from Taiwan's TV broadcasting companies to examine the substitution effects of VSs. Results show that VSs were used for only one third of program productions and that news was the only program type with an adoption rate of more than 50%. Moreover, this study identified 9 common factors that represent an empirical summary of VSs' benefits and limitations 20 years after their introduction.
URI: http://ccis.nctu.edu.tw/issueArticle.asp?P_No=40&CA_ID=374
ISSN: 1680-8428
Journal: 資訊社會研究
Journal of Cyber Culture and Information Society
Issue: 30
Begin Page: 1
End Page: 24
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