Title: 60-GHz 0.18-mu m CMOS Schottky-Diode Ring-Mixer Down-Converter
Authors: Hsiao, Yu-Chih
Meng, Chinchun
Wang, Ta-Wei
Huang, Guo-Wei
College of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Keywords: Schottky diode;dual-conversion down-converter;ring mixer
Issue Date: 2014
Abstract: A 60-GHz dual conversion down-converter based on n-type Silicon-based Schottky diodes has been demonstrated in the low-cost 0.18-mu m CMOS technology. Four Schottky diodes in the ring shape configuration with two Marchand Baluns are used for the RF mixer while a double-balanced resistive mixer is used as the second down-converted IF mixer. As a result, the 60-GHz dual-conversion down-converter has conversion gain around 6 dB and noise figure around 18 dB in the RF frequency range of 57 similar to 64 GHz. The total power consumption is 32.8 mW at 2.5 V.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/11536/136126
ISBN: 978-4-9023-3931-4
Begin Page: 1202
End Page: 1204
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