Title: 二戰太平洋電影(二)
Cinema & Collective Memory of WWII in Eastern Asia and in the Pacific II
Authors: Alain Brossat
Open Education Office
Issue Date: 2014
Abstract: 本課程是由交通大學社會與文化研究所提供。     Acknowledgement These documents are just notes taken for my course on Cinema and WWII in Eastern Asia and in the Pacific. They are written in my imperfect English and have not be revised by an English-speaking person. For this reason, no excerpt from them should be borrowed or quoted under no circumstances and for any purpose.  ※注意※ 本網頁之相關文件(包含課程講義)、影像(課程影片)為提供「二戰太平洋電影」課程之使用,文字及講授內容未經潤飾,請勿任意引用、擷取。   Alain Brossat  
URI: http://ocw.nctu.edu.tw/course_detail.php?bgid=5&nid=522
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