Title: 價值導向之服務程序設計-以運動中心導入RFID為例
Authors: 高慈薏
Institute of Business and Management
Keywords: 無線射頻識別;服務程序;服務藍圖;運動休閒服務;價值焦點思考法;Radio Frequency Identification (RFID);Service Process;Service Blue Print;Sport and Recreation Services;Value Focus Thinking Approach
Issue Date: 2015
Abstract: 無線射頻辨?系統(radio frequency identification, RFID)早已被廣泛運用在各個領域。但是許多研究仍對RFID應用於服務業所提供的價值及應用方式存有懷疑。運動休閒乃是新興的服務業,其中又以運動中心的發展備受各方期待。然其產業競爭相當激烈,若要脫穎而出,服務程序乃是其關鍵。因此本研究以價值焦點思考法為理論基礎,建構一運動中心服務程序導入RFID的設計模式。首先本研究依據RFID在實務上的應用性,透過對運動中心服務流程的程序分析,進行服務點導入RFID技術應用的配置。接著本研究採取兼顧服務供給與服務需求雙方面之價值焦點思考法,完成運動中心導入RFID於服務程序之設計。在模式建構過程中,透過消費者問卷調查,分析基礎目標之重要性;其次採用群體腦力激盪法進行RFID應手段目標清單之建立;最後再請二位專家確認手段目標之關聯性,以完成最終設計。本研究的學術價值在於提出一個結合價值焦點思考的RFID應用設計模式,除可作為後續RFID價值評估研究之基礎外,在實務上,亦可提供服務企業導入RFID之參考。
Radio frequency identification (RFID) has been widely applied in many fields, but little researches confirmed the value and application of RFID in service industry. Sports and recreation sectors are emergent and highly competitive in service industry. The level of service process of sports center plays a critical role in the competitive advantage. Based on a value focused thinking approach, this study constructs a design model for a sport center. Firstly, according to the applicability of RFID in practice, this study analyzed the service process. Then, using the value focus thinking approach which focus on both service supply and demand, the model of RFID application in the service process of sports center was designed. During the modeling process, a consumer survey was conducted to analyze the significance of fundamental objectives. In addition, this study used the methods of expert interview and brain storming to establish the guidelines for determining the means-objective list. Finally, experts were invited to review the association between means and objectives to confirm the service process model. The academic implication of this paper is to propose a design model which integrates value focus thinking approach into the RFID application. In addition to serving as a foundation for further research in RFID value evaluation, this model is also helpful for those managers who intend to deploy RFID in service sector.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/11536/132398
Journal: 管理與系統
Journal of Management and Systems
Volume: 22
Issue: 3
Begin Page: 273
End Page: 301
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