Title: 年齡依存性:產業環境及組織因素對組織失敗的影響
Authors: 曾真真
Institute of Business and Management
Keywords: 年齡依存性;組織失敗;組織慣性;Age Dependence;Business Failure;Organizational Inertia
Issue Date: 2014
Abstract: 本研究預期不同業齡的組織存在不同的失敗原因,我們利用238家發生財務危機的上市(櫃)之公司作為樣本,檢驗產業環境及組織特性與組織失敗之年齡依存性的關係。研究結果發現年輕組織的失敗較成熟組織更易肇因於群體密度過高、對實體資源投資過鉅、研發承諾過高。此外,研究結果亦發現員工人數增加及環境豐裕度提高均與組織壽命呈正向關係;最後,組織過去的績效與組織壽命呈負向關係。
This study predicts that there may exist different reasons of failure for firms with different ages. Using 238 listed firms in financial crisis, this study examines how the environmental and organizational characteristics affect the age-dependent failure. The results find that high population density, excessive investment in fixed assets and high R&D commitment are the main causes of failure for young organizations. In addition, the results also indicate a positive relationship between the number of employees, the environmental munificence and the organization life. Final, this study also found that past performance of firms negatively affect their organizational life.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/11536/132366
Journal: 管理與系統
Journal of Management and Systems
Volume: 21
Issue: 2
Begin Page: 223
End Page: 244
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