Title: 鋼鐵產業海外投資之區位決策評估模式
Authors: 黃宇翔
Institute of Business and Management
Keywords: 鋼鐵業;海外投資;區位選擇;決策分析;層級分析法;Steel Industry;Foreign investment;Location selection;Decision Analysis;AHP
Issue Date: 2013
Abstract: 一般鋼鐵業在進行投資區位決策時,因考量的層面眾多廣泛且相互關聯,決策者通常僅能依各自不同的投資經歷來評估複雜的區位選擇,但此舉往往過於直覺,無法深入剖析問題核心。本研究運用決策分析技術,透過層級分析法,建立鋼鐵產業海外投資區位決策評估模式,以具體的評分方式呈現適合進行海外投資區位的優先順序,以協助決策者更有效率及效能地考量各個區位。本研究以台灣一鋼鐵公司曾評估的多個歐洲區位為實證個案,同時將此模式與以往區位評估方式進行分析比較,探討本模式的適用性。本研究模式不但具有鋼鐵業決策者對海外投資區位選擇判斷的參考價值,亦能輔助鋼鐵業決策者進行海外區位的決策,並縮短決策時間及降低投資失敗的機會,以達到鋼鐵公司提升海外佈點優勢的目的。本研究建議後續發展系統化的鋼鐵業海外投資區位決策輔助支援工具,讓未來有意進行海外投資鋼鐵公司能輕易掌握全球化經營優勢並獲得投資成效的提升。
In selecting an appropriate site for steel industry, the evaluation of the possible alternatives is usually based only on decision makers' own investment experiences, whcih may be too intuitive. This study uses analytic hierarchy process (AHP) to assess the decision in selecting the optimal foreign site by providing a rank order of priority for the alternatives. Moreover, a case study is illustrated in which several European investment sites have been evaluated by a steel-making company in Taiwan to compare the proposed model with two other traditional decision methods for justifying the suitability and advantage of the proposed model. The proposed model can not only assist decision makers of steel-making companies in selecting foreign sites but also reduce the time and flaws of the decision making process. The research suggests that a systematic decision support tool may be required to develop for foreign site selection problems in steel industry, so the company is capable of not only manipulating the global operational competition but improving the investment performance.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/11536/132355
Journal: 管理與系統
Journal of Management and Systems
Volume: 20
Issue: 4
Begin Page: 793
End Page: 822
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