Title: 中華衛星二號姿態控制系統控制器設計分析
Design and Analysis for the Controller of Rocsat-2 Attitude Control System
Authors: 邱俊誠 
Keywords: 姿態控制;穩定性;衛星 ;Satellite;Attitude control;Bang-bang 
Issue Date: 2000
Abstract: 中華二號衛星之主要任務為高精密的解析度遙測作業,其操作性能與衛星本身之指向追蹤能力息息相關,指向的穩定性經常是遙測照相成敗的重要因素。在姿控模式的操控能力上,姿控系統控制扮演著非常重要的角色,因此,在衛星的研發過程中,姿控系統控制的分析設計應是不可或缺的關鍵技術之一。 本報告敘述衛星動力方程式的推導,及控制法則的建立,按衛星指向角度大小不同的情況來分別探討系統之穩定性,配合bang-bang控制法則,發展增進控制性能及強韌性之控制器,以得到最佳時間需求下之姿控穩定控制。 
The major mission of Rocsat-2 is to fulfill the remote sensing operation with the high precise resolution. The sensing function is highly related to the directional tracking efficiency of the satellite. The stability of the directional track usually is the important factor that effects the results of remote sensing operation. In the operation of the satellite attitude control modes, the controller of the attitude control system plays a very important role. Thus, the analysis and design of the controller is a key technology in the research of the satellite. We will derive the dynamic governing equation of the satellite and build its control law in this project. Then we will discuss the stability of the system according to the different direction angles and the bang-bang type control method, we can build up the attitude control system with better controlling function and robustness at the optimal time. 
Gov't Doc #: NSC89-NSPO(A)-PC-FA06-01 
URI: https://www.grb.gov.tw/search/planDetail?id=563364&docId=104661
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