Title: 漁業運用衛星網際網路及資料倉儲技術之研究
Study of Applying Internet-Integrated Satellite and Data-Warehouse Technology to Fisheries
Authors: 梁高榮 
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Issue Date: 2001
Abstract: 本計畫包括兩個主要的工作項目.第一個項目是設計人造衛星導向的漁船監控系統.它的目標是評估不同的人造衛星通訊系統並發現最佳系統以監控公海上的漁船.兩個主要涉及的領域是全球定位系統及人造衛星通訊技術.第二個項目是實作一個資料倉儲雛型系統以蒐集及分析人造衛星傳來的漁船資料.這包括軟體選擇、資料倉儲綱要設計、決策支援系統及線上測試等. 
This project consists of two major tasks.One is design a satellite-based vessel-monitoring system.Its goal is to evaluate various satellite communication systems and find the best one for monitoring the vessels at high sea.Two major domains involved are Globe Positioning System ( GPS )and satellite communication technologies.The other is to implement a Data-Warehousing ( DW )prototype system for collecting and analyzing the vessel data from the satellites.This involves software selection, DW schema design, decision support system design, and on-line testing, etc. 
Gov't Doc #: 90農科-1.10.2-漁-F1(1) 
URI: https://www.grb.gov.tw/search/planDetail?id=1046483&docId=199521
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