Title: 利用資料倉儲技術構建農產品行銷資訊系統
Building Agricultural Products Marketing Information System Using Data Warehouse Technology
Authors: 梁高榮 
Keywords:  ; 
Issue Date: 2001
Abstract: 本計畫提出利用資料倉儲技術構建農產品行銷資訊系統.此計畫包含兩大工作項目.首先是把資料庫的資料收集進入資料倉儲.接著利用線上分析處理技術取代傳統的線上交易處理技術.抓住的資訊將可用在農產運銷的決策支援上.其次是從資料倉儲系統構建交易指數.而最終的目標則是建立更具彈性度、整合度的行銷資訊系統. 
Data warehouse technology is proposed for building a marketing information system ( MIS )for agricultural products.There are two major tasks in this project.First, the data from several databases are collected and stored in a data warehouse.Then On-Line Analytic Process ( OLAP )technique is proposed to replace the traditional On-Line Transaction Process ( OLTP )one.The retrieval information will be used for decision-making purpose in agricultural marketing.Second, a transaction index is constructed from the data warehousing system.The overall goal is essentially to build a more flexible and integrated MIS. 
Gov't Doc #: 90農科-1.6.2-輔-#1(4) 
URI: https://www.grb.gov.tw/search/planDetail?id=1043012&docId=198833
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