Title: 整合性運銷職能技術研究
The Study of Integrated Marketing-Related Technologies
Authors: 梁高榮
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Issue Date: 2002
Abstract: 在農產運銷系統裡,技術扮演越來越重要的角色.本計畫對四大技術主題提出研究,即資料倉儲、電子商務、真空預冷及冷藏知識.例如網站調查可了解台灣農產品的電子商務現況,資料倉儲則可對運銷資料進行線上分析處理,真空預冷及冷藏知識則可改善農產品品質.本研究成果可使得未來的農產運銷系統更有效果及效率. 
Technology plays a more important role in the evolution of agricultural marketing system. Particularly four key technical issues are emphasized in this project: data warehouse, electronic commerce, vacuum cooler, and cooling know-how. For example, the investigation of web sites is helpful for understanding the electronic commerce for agricultural products in Taiwan, and the data warehouse is used for on-line analytical processing of marketing data. Both vacuum cooler and cooling know-how are applied to improving the quality of agricultural products. The research results will make our agricultural marketing system more effective and efficient in the future. 
Gov't Doc #: 91農科-1.5.2-輔-#1(1) 
URI: https://www.grb.gov.tw/search/planDetail?id=943876&docId=177532
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