Title: 衛星網際網路資源及資料倉儲技術在漁業上之加值應用研究
Study of Value-Added Applications for Fisheries Based on Satellite, Internet, and Data Warehouse Technologies
Authors: 梁高榮 
Keywords:  ; 
Issue Date: 2002
Abstract: 漁船資訊查詢網是由漁船監控系統、漁船資料倉儲及漁船資訊傳送系統三者組成.本計畫的目標則在建構漁船資訊傳送系統.這包括三項工作.首先是制定XML標準,這包括XML文件、XSL轉換及文件物件模式的建立.其次是利用這些XML標準連接漁船資料倉儲與海圖系統.最後則是對此連線進行測試以確保漁船資訊傳送系統的運作. 
Vessel Information Enquiring Web (VIEW) consists of Vessel Monitoring System (VMS), Vessel Data Warehouse (VDW), and Vessel Information Propagating System (VIPS). The goal of this project is to construct the VIPS which involves three major tasks. First it is to define all related XML standards including XML documents, XSL transformations, and Document Object Model (DOM) programs. Second it will apply XML standards to connecting VDW and marine maps. Third all the connections are tested for making sure of all the operations of the VIPS. 
Gov't Doc #: 91農科-1.9.1-漁-F2(1) 
URI: https://www.grb.gov.tw/search/planDetail?id=940219&docId=177045
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