Title: 農業電子化推動配合措施
Coordinated Operations for Promoting Agricultural Electronization
Authors: 梁高榮 
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Issue Date: 2002
Abstract: 本計畫目標是配合推動農產運銷自動化與電子化大型計畫下的子計畫。三個重要工作項目將被配合執行。第一個工作項目是籌組技術服務團並召開多個工作進度會議,以協助各子計畫的執行績效。第二個工作項目是維護易得網的運作以成為工作伙伴的溝通窗口。第三個工作項目則是為農產運銷領域工作同仁提供農業電子化訓練課程。而三個工作項目的預期效果是為此大型計畫的工作伙伴達成顧問服務及技術支援的目的。 
The objective of this project is to collaborate with many programs in the agricultural marketing automation and electronization initiative. Three important tasks are executed in this collaboration. First one is to organize several progress seminars for monitoring the performance of the collaborated programs. Second one is to maintain the operations of web site http://eat.nctu.edu.tw as a window opened to the community of working partners. Last one is to offer a training course of electronic commerce for the people in the agricultural marketing domain. The expected results of the three tasks are to achieve the goal of consultative services and technical supports to the working partners in the initiative. 
Gov't Doc #: 91農科-6.1.3-輔-#2 
URI: https://www.grb.gov.tw/search/planDetail?id=939670&docId=176957
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