Title: 花卉批發市場交易作業標準化之研究
Standardizetion of Trading Processes in Flower Wholesale Markets
Authors: 梁高榮 
Keywords: 花卉批發市場;交易作業;標準化; ;Flower Wholesale;Trading Process;Standardization 
Issue Date: 2004
Abstract: 目前台灣共有五家的花卉批發市場。在這些市場裡,主要的花卉交易機制是拍賣制度。歷史上,當每家市場開始建立它們個別的自動化花卉拍賣系統時採用了不同的軟硬體元件。從規模經濟的角度來看,採用不同元件的決策使得維護成本很難下降。解決這問題的方法之一是將不同拍賣系統的共用元件給予標準化。當共同元件可互相交換使用時,經濟規模效應將降低維護成本。本計畫的主要目標就在找到這些共同的元件並定義出這些共用元件的規格以供未來使用。 
There are five flower wholesale markets in Taiwan currently. The main trading mechanism of flowers in the markets is auctioning. Historically different hardware and software components were set up when each market initiated its own automated flower auctioning system. From the viewpoint of economic scale, those decisions of using distinct components made the maintenance cost difficult to decrease. One way to solve this difficulty is to standardize the common components of various auctioning systems. When the common components become exchangeable, the effect of economic scale will reduce the maintenance cost. The major goal of this project is to discover these common components and to define their specifications for future uses. 
Gov't Doc #: 93農科-7.2.1-糧-Z2 
URI: https://www.grb.gov.tw/search/planDetail?id=1053749&docId=200777
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