Title: 空載光達系統誤差處理
The Error Processing of Airborne Lidar Test Data
Authors: 史天元
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Issue Date: 2004
Abstract: 本研究前期已完成空載光達之資料收集、初步精度驗證、及與航測作業方式之初步比對,其處理數據主要為廠商提供之高成分類成果。本計畫擬進行光達數據系統誤差處理及研究,目的在進一步重新處理較原始之數據,提出空載雷射掃描數據系統誤差檢驗與改正之方法,進一步處理數據,提升精度,有助於相關研究探討光達林木計測與光達森林資源管理後續研究。 
Airborne Laser Scanning System (LIDAR) can provide fast and detailed measurements of the terrain. Test flight for taking test datasets have been conducted along with some estimation on overall accuracy and flight arrangement. This project is a follow-up for further understanding of the raw data by a scheme for the quality assessment. Methods on error testing and correction will be implemented in this study to improve the accuracy of airborne lidar test datasets obtained in the project of last year. Thus, the datasets can be distributed to people of various fields for further applications or studies. 
Gov't Doc #: 93農科-2.5.1-技-a2(1) 
URI: https://www.grb.gov.tw/search/planDetail?id=971627&docId=181154
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