Title: 網際網路在漁業上加值應用研究
Applications of Internet-Based Technology to Fisheries Research Program
Authors: 梁高榮
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Issue Date: 2004
Abstract: 本計畫包含兩個主要工作目標。其一是使用資料倉儲來整合漁業裡的異質性資料庫。換言之,漁業資料將利用檔案轉移服務技術傳送。接著利用資料轉換服務技術將異質性資料轉成所要的格式。隨後正確格式的漁業資料會匯總為資料倉儲並作其它的應用。例如不同的使用者可在通路管理員下透過線上分析處理提取資料。另一工作項目則是在漁業署資助的入口網站上提供網路學習機制以強化其功能。更特別的是在此入口網站下,此電子化學習系統可以對成為有效的工具以進行知識管理。 
This project involves two major goals. One is to use a data warehouse for integrating heterogeneous databases in fisheries. In other words, the fisheries data are delivered by file transfer service technology. Then the heterogeneous data are transformed into the desired formats using Data Transformation Service (DTS) technology. Next the fisheries data with right formats form a data warehouse for other applications. For example, different users can access them through On-Line Analytical Processing (OLAP) under an accessing manager. The other is to offer an Internet-based learning mechanism for enhancing the services of a portal website sponsored by Fisheries Agency. Moreover, the electronic learning system will serve as an effective tool for achieving knowledge management purpose to that website. 
Gov't Doc #: 93農科-7.1.3-漁-F2 
URI: https://www.grb.gov.tw/search/planDetail?id=970362&docId=181007
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