Title: 以擴散光學影像量測阿茲海默患者大腦結構性改變研究
Detection of Structural Change with Alzheimer’s Disease Based on Diffuse Optical Imaging
Authors: 孫家偉 
Keywords:  ; 
Issue Date: 2011
Abstract: 本計畫係針對阿茲海默患者為目標︽開發近紅外光腦功能造影量測系統。我們已 利用將磁振大腦影像嵌入三維時域蒙地卡羅光學模擬法進行理論研究和光子遷移 行為分析。本計畫將以光纖光學和擴散光學影像重建技術,建立近紅外光腦造影 系統,並將其標準化於阿茲海病患之檢驗程序︽建立結構性光學影像資料庫〈 
The goal of proposal is to develop a near-infrared optical imaging system for Alzheimer disease evaluation. The approaches of image segmentation of in vivo MRI image were used for time-resolved three-dimensional brain modeling. The simulation result can provide the characterization of photon migration in human brain and be helpful for optode design of optical system. In this proposal, the time-domain diffuse optical spectroscopic imaging system will be developed with fiber-optics and diffuse optical image reconstruction. The optical imaging system will be standardized for Alzheimer disease diagnosis and database will be established in clinical trail. 
Gov't Doc #: NSC100-2221-E009-154 
URI: https://www.grb.gov.tw/search/planDetail?id=2347897&docId=370937
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