Title: 以半導體光學元件進行微循環檢測儀研發
Development of Optical Microcirculation Detection System Based on Near-Infrared Laser Diode
Authors: 孫家偉 
Keywords:  ; 
Issue Date: 2014
Abstract: 微循環是人體循環系統的最基礎部分,為血液與組織、細胞進行物質和氣體交換的場所,具有 向組織運輸送氧氣、營養物質和排出二氧化碳及其它代謝產物的功能,為維繫生命的重要生理機制, 故透過對微循環的動態觀察有助於了解生理狀態。 為配合政府發展生技醫療產業以及輔導國内科技廠商轉型,本計晝將與光環科技股份有限公司 進行產學合作,投入生醫相關儀器研發。以利用成熟商用之半導體光電零件生產技術為基礎,發展 微循環檢測儀研發,以量測得到之光學訊號、配合生理參數分析軟體研發,可提供人體微循環血氧 飽和度與血流/量之生理參數量測、並經訊號分析評估其生理特徵及其健康程度。本計晝初期以學術 研究儀器為切入點,中期則希望打入兩岸醫療單位,遠期目標希望投入家庭照護市場。 
Microcirculation is the important mechanism to maintain the tissue metabolism. Therefore, the condition of microcirculation can provide useful physiological information. In order to develop domestic biotechnical industry and to assist in the transformation of technical enterprise with government of Taiwan, this study will investigate the technology of microcirculation imaging and developing the biomedical optical instruments by the industry-university collaboration with TrueLight corporation. This study will develop the microcirculation detected instrument with dual modality of tissue blood flow and oxygenation measurement by using mature commercial semiconductor optoelectronic element. It can provide information of both oxygenation and blood flow of microcirculation to estimate the health degree by optical signal processing. The immediate goal of this study is to develop the system for academic research, and the medium-term goal is to deliver it into the Chinese medical market, and the long-term goal is deliver it into the market of home care. 
Gov't Doc #: MOST103-2622-E009-021-CC3 
URI: https://www.grb.gov.tw/search/planDetail?id=8407324&docId=451515
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