Title: 歐盟奈米材料研究計畫:有機光感測器與微機電懸臂整合之位移偵測器( I )
Cosiflex: Composite Organic and Silicon Technologies on Flexible Substrates( I )
Authors: 冉曉雯 
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Issue Date: 2014
Abstract: 本計晝預計以三年的時間,建構整合微機電系統(MEMS)、有機發光二極體(OLED)與有機光偵測器(OPD) 之整合感測系統。OLED與OPD由於可使用液態製程,非常適合用於薄且大面積生產之裝置。OLED 以及相對應的電子電路技術已廣泛的應用於商用顯示器中,但通常限於此應用領域。在本計晝中, 將在現有的技術基礎上,在單一元件上以指叉形式整合OLED與OPD。這種整合式的OLED/OPD技術將 會成為先進薄膜可撓式感測器(sensor)和致動器(actuator)設備的基礎。本團隊將在聚合物薄膜與 矽基板上建構整合式的OLED/OPD,此先進新穎的技術將可應用在智能產品如高解析度的薄膜狀距離 感測器上,或是高靈敏度的位置感測器或震動感測器等。在本計晝中,本團隊將製作微小化的 OLED/OPD,並與奥地利團隊及其他團隊合作,整合OLED/OPD與MEMS。在微小化的OLED/ OPD感測器 研發上,將開發可應用於有機電子元件上的黃光微影製程,並以低成本的溶液製程製作應用在可撓 性基板上。此外,OLED與OPD元件的一致性、再現性和壽命的提昇都是研究重點項目。期望藉由現 有技術的延伸,研究開發具有高靈敏度的感測器(距離、位置與震動感測器等),此外也將應用大面 積溶液製程,期望用於商業化生產線和感測器產品的開發。 
Organic light-emitting diodes (OLED) and photodetectors (OPD), particularly the ones processed in a solution, are very well suited for fabricating thin, large-area devices. OLED technology together with appropriate electronic circuitry is already widely used in commercial display applications, but typically limited to this application domain. The main project will extend the state of the art by integrating organic LEDs and organic photodetectors in interdigitated form on a single carrier. Such integrated OLED/OPD processing technology creates a basis for sophisticated thin-film flexible sensor and actuator devices. Composite technologies combining OLED/OPD structures with polymer film and silicon substrates will be established to build novel high-tech composites that can further serve as basis for new, smart products. Examples for novel applications are customizable, “film-like”, high-resolution proximity sensors based on a combination of OLEDs and OPDs. Other application examples are tightly integrated combinations of organic devices and MEMS structures for high-sensitivity displacement or vibration sensors, or novel concepts for direction-selective light sensors. In this sub-project, will fabricate the miniaturized OLED/OPD sensor and will collaborate with CISS to integrate the OLED/OPD with MEMS devices. The miniaturized OLED/OPD sensor will be produced by low-cost solution process on various kinds of substrates including flexible substrate. New patterning methods including metal transferring and hybrid (including inorganic sol-gel material and organic material) lithography will be evaluated in the proposed OLED/OPD miniaturized sensor. Good-enough process uniformity, reproducibility, and device lifetime will be performed by developing large-area blade coating process and multi-layer encapsulation process. We aim to deliver sensitive sensors (proximity, optical, and displacement sensors) as well as large-area solution-process technologies, which are promising for the development of commercialized production line and sensor products. 
Gov't Doc #: MOST103-2120-M009-008 
URI: https://www.grb.gov.tw/search/planDetail?id=8391917&docId=450579
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