Chiao Da Mangement Review : [211]

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Collection's Items (Sorted by Issue Date in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 211
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jun-2017The mediating roles of differentiation strategy and learning orientation in the relationship between entrepreneurial orientation and firm performanceChih-Yuan Chen; Hui-Hui Huang; Shyh-Chyi Wey
1-Jun-2017Where is foreign institutional investors' efficacy? A transparency & disclosure perspectiveChin-Jung Luan; Chengli Tien
1-Jun-2017Rationality of the personal loan interest-rate markups of banksMing-Chang Wang; Sung-Shan Chen; Jen-Min Chiang
1-Jun-2017Earnings management in family firms: The role of inside directorsYi-Hui Tai
1-Dec-2016The retention of customer relationships after mergers and acquisitionsChen-Yen Yao; Shari S. C. Shang; Yun-Chen Yu
1-Dec-2016What do individual traders of TAIEX futures learn from their trading activities?Mei-Chen Lin; Kwang-Li Yang
1-Dec-2016A qualitative study on perceived value and loyalty: A moderated-mediation frameworkCheng-Kai Chou; Mei-Liang Chen
1-Dec-2016The intraday price discovery of Taiwan's dual-trading foreign exchange marketDar-Hsin Chen; Ying-Hsin Lee
1-Jun-2016Coupled open innovation and innovation performance outcomes: Roles of absorptive capacityChristine Chou; Kuo-Pin Yang; Yu-Jen Chiu
1-Jun-2016Latent trajectories of competitive heterogeneity: Bridging the gap in theories between persistent performance and value creationFen-May Liou; Yuan-Hui Tsai
1-Jun-2016Simplifying the valuation of reverse annuity mortgagesJow-Ran Chang; Jing-Tang Tsay; Che-Chun Lin
1-Jun-2016Effects of individual margin requirement and risk preference on individual margin tradingMing-Chang Wang; Lee-Young Cheng; Pang-Ying Chou
1-Dec-2015The Effect of Directors’ and Officers’ Liability Insurance on Stock Investors’ Perceptions of Earning Quality廖秀梅; 湯麗芬; 李建然; Hsiu-Mei Liao; Li-Fen Tang; Jan-Zan Lee
1-Dec-2015Earnings Management of Firms Just Meeting Zero-earnings Thresholds: The Stakeholders’ Perspective李淑華; 簡雪芳; 蔡彥卿; 張玲玲; Shu-Hua Lee; Hsueh-Fang Chien; Yann-Ching Tsai; Ling-Ling Chang
1-Dec-2015How Does Face Consciousness Affect Purchase Intention of Cosmetic Surgery?葉晶雯; Ching-Wen Yeh
1-Dec-2015Resolving Partial-Viewpoint Paradoxes of Innovation Strategies: Toward an Integrative Framework洪新民; Hsin-Min Hung
2015The Media Effect on Stock Market Overreaction詹家昌; 許月瑜; 陳麗如; Chia-Chung Chan; Yueh-Yu Hsu; Li-Lu Chen; Department of Management Science; 管理科學學系
2015The Relationships among Emotional Capital, Job Satisfaction and Organizational Citizenship Behavior: A Cross-Level Analysis劉仲矩; 陳秀育; 廖智宏; Chung-Chu Liu; Shiou-Yu Chen; Chin-Hung Liao; Department of Management Science; 管理科學學系
2015Does Banking Relationship Matter in Financial Distress Spillover?"紀麗秋"; Li-Chiu Chi; Department of Management Science; 管理科學學系
2015The Effect of Herding Behavior and the Sentiments of Investors on Taiwan Stock Index Futures張巧宜; 陳香蘭; 楊馥嫣; Chiao-Yi Chang; Hsiang-Lan Chen; Fu-Yen Yang; Department of Management Science; 管理科學學系
Collection's Items (Sorted by Issue Date in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 211
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