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Dec-2019The influence of persuasion knowledge, third-person perception, and affect on coping behavior in the Instagram stories featureTser-Yieth Chen; Kang-Ting Wang
Jun-2019Examining the effect of information disclosure on website stickiness: The cognitive information perspectiveTser-Yieth Chen; Fang-Ming Hsu; Shih-Yin Wu
2013Exploring Perceived Value and Usage of Information Systems in Government Context許芳銘; 范秋足; 陳澤義; 王淑玟; Fang-Ming Hsu; Chiu-Tsu Fan; Tser-Yieth Chen; Shu-Wen Wang; Department of Management Science; 管理科學學系
2004台灣銀行業善因行銷、外部線索對服務品質、知覺風險與知覺價值之影響關係研究陳澤義; 張保隆; 張宏生; Tser-Yieth Chen; Pao-Long Chang; Hong-Sheng Chang; Department of Management Science; 管理科學學系
2008從關係的觀點探討企業夥伴的選擇對跨組織學習成效的影響陳澤義; 洪廣朋; 曾建銘; Tser-Yieth Chen; Kuang-Peng Hung; Chien-Ming Tseng; Department of Management Science; 管理科學學系
2005發展顧客滿意與關係價值之研究:高接觸服務業之證據陳澤義; 張保隆; 葉晶雯; Tser-Yieth Chen; Pao-Long Chang; Ching-Wen Yeh; Department of Management Science; 管理科學學系
Dec-2021Understanding the determinants of green trust: The role of green value sharingTser-Yieth Chen; Chi-Jui Huang
Dec-2022Various social media marketing activities affect online brand trustTser-Yieth Chen; Hsueh-Ling Wu; Chen-Yi Chi