Chiao Da Mangement Review : [230]

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2022Opportunistic strategy under cooperation: Subtle, deceitful practices in Taiwan’s agri-food supply chainChia-Yi Liu
Jun-2022How do the attributes and changes of senior management affect the company’s abnormal rate of return? Evidence from ChinaStanley Y. B. Huang; Shih-Chin Lee; Yong-Fa Chen
Jun-2022Inside directors’ characteristics and accruals management: The roles of controlling shareholders’ control-cash flow rights deviation, accounting background, and family memberYi-Hui Tai; Ying-Chieh Wang
Jun-2022Sustainable trick or tactic? The influence of greenwashing on green reputation, green satisfaction and green perceived valueYu-Shan Chen; Yi-Hsiung Lin; Wei-Yuan Lo; Pi-Yu Lai
Dec-2021How to weigh in on sustainability trends? Sustainable consumption by electric scooter customers and its implications for green marketingTai-Wei Chang; Yu-Shan Chen; Stanley Y. B. Huang
Dec-2021Understanding the determinants of green trust: The role of green value sharingTser-Yieth Chen; Chi-Jui Huang
Dec-2021Different pay-performance sensitivity in family firms: A perspective of the family incentive alignment hypothesisYi-Hui Tai
Dec-2021Does the release of corporate governance evaluation information decrease information asymmetry? Evidence from TaiwanYi-Hui Tai
Jun-2021The influence of different virtual product experience types on advertising effect: Imagery instructions and imagery-processing model as moderatorsYu-Hsin Chen; Ching-Jui Keng; Hai-Hua Wang
Jun-2021Coping with abusive supervision: The alleviating effect of self-efficacy and the perception of authenticity on the negative consequences of abusive supervisionChin-Tien Hsu; Hung-Yi Liao; Meng-Han Huang
Jun-2021Effects of network capital and resources on SMEs competitiveness: A moderated mediation approachHsian-Ming Liu; Kuo-chen Mou; Chia-Yu Chang
Jun-2021Technological dissimilarity in R&D alliances: The moderating effects of exploratory strategy and knowledge stockYen-Chih Huang; Chia-Chi Chang; Shao-Chi Chang
Dec-2020The effect of mandatory IFRS reporting on the syndicated loan structureWei-Ren Yao; Chia-Hsuan Tseng; Chen-Lung Chin
Dec-2020Retail therapy for consumers of accessible luxury: A qualitative study from Poland and TurkeyTaylan Ürkmez; Ralf Wagner
Dec-2020A multilevel model of Kahn's job engagement in predicting counterproductive work behaviors: Evidence from financial information technology firmsStanley Y. B. Huang; Yu-Ming Fei
Dec-2020The relationship between composition of inside directors’ compensation and firm’s future performance: The influence of uncertaintyYi-Hui Tai; Chia-Ling Lee
Jun-2020The relation between financial statement quality and dividend payout: The role of information asymmetryYi-Hui Tai
Jun-2020Technology products’ organic growth or cannibalism? A multi-generation spatial mapping perspectiveMin-Hua Wu; Ying-Chan Tang
Jun-2020Do family firms engage in voluntary external assurance of corporate social responsibility reports?Chih-Wei Peng
Jun-2020Pairs trading in the Taiwan, Hong Kong, and China stock markets before and after short-selling deregulationJai-Jen Wang
Collection's Items (Sorted by Issue Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 230
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