Title: 77-110GHz 65nm-CMOS寬帶數控移相器設計
77-110GHz 65nm-CMOS Wideband Phase Shifter Design
Authors: 王憲棠
Wang, Hsien-Tang
Hu, Shu-I
電子工程學系 電子研究所
Keywords: 移相電路;W波段;毫米波接收機;phase shifter;W-band;Millimeter Wave Receiver
Issue Date: 2015
Abstract: 此論文將討論CMOS 65nm製程下設計的主動式數控寬帶移相器,應用在毫米波攝像系統計劃中,藉由改變輸入訊號的相位,達到陣列天線的操作目的。 電路工作頻段橫跨77GHz至110GHz,完整的移相器電路包含兩個串接子電路: 粗調移相器與微調移相器。 粗調移相器可由五位元的控制訊號產生32個不同的相位輸出,其輸出角度間格為11.25º (=360/25)。 微調移相器藉由數位控制將粗調後的結果再次分割,使可調角度間格縮小至1º,同時具有微調增益的功能。 所有的設計流程、電路特性、與前人研究的比較都會在接下來的論文中清楚的說明和討論。
This thesis will propose a NC broadband phase shifter designed in TSMC 65nm-CMOS technology. The circuit is designed for millimeter-wave imaging system, by changing the phase of input signal to achieve the purpose of operation of antenna array. The phase shifter circuit comprises two series sub-circuits: coarse and supporting phase shifter. The former one allows 32 different phase outputs with unit step 11.25 degree by giving 5 bit control signals. The series supporting phase shifter provides extra phase delay and fine tunes the output signal phase to grid 1 degree. The design approach and behavior of this circuit will be well discussed and clearly illustrated in the following thesis.
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