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dc.contributor.authorLamin K. Sonkoen_US
dc.contributor.authorProfessor Bao-Shuh Paul Linen_US
dc.description.abstract當多個接入網路可用時,使用者可能有困難中選擇要連接到哪個網路以及如何使用該網路進行身份驗證。在場景的行動裝置在能夠連接到多個接入技術的無線異構中的流動性要求網路連接管理新建築的發展。目前,新電臺訪問 lte 系統-A 和 WLAN 正在部署和還保持從而使電信系統內容高度密集和異構的遺留系統。這裡的重點將特別對 LTE 技術作為傳統網路,包括 eNodeB 和無線局域網技術。就需要定義一個全路的實體將被啟動,當使用者是在面積重疊接入技術和需要來決定使用哪個最適合老鼠。這將有助於優化的總體系統性能度量的輸送量和容量的限制。各類接入網路的可用性,需要行動裝置能夠選擇最佳的接入網用最少的使用者干預。我們提出一個設計體系結構,有效地發現可用的無線網路,並實現自動網路選擇基於訪問的網路條件、 活動應用程式的需求和偏好的移動使用者的幾個因素。不同的無線技術,為行動裝置之間的管理過程是完成交接操作非常重要。 在移交後需要確定延遲和資料包丟失,以維持內某一水準的服務品質。在適當的時候選擇最佳的可用網路是實現無處不在的網路的方向非常重要。 本論文的主要目標是工作的位址解決方案的 Wi-Fi 卸載在 LTE 網路當性能需求超過 LTE 接入的能力。因此提出了一種名為訪問網路發現選擇功能 (ANDSF) 的網路選擇建築設計方法。這種方法提高集成在 3GPP 進化包核心從而使操作員的新型網路發現和選擇功能選項來管理行動裝置的連接。ANDSF 方法是利用多個條件,提出了選擇目標網路的優先的評級。這種方法旨在超越傳統的網路選擇方法中選擇最合適的網路。zh_TW
dc.description.abstractWhen multiple access networks are available, users may have difficulty in selecting which network to connect to and how to authenticate with that network. Mobility in a wireless heterogeneous scenario in which the mobile devices are able to connect to more than one access technology requires a new architectural development for the network connectivity management. Currently, new radio access systems such as LTE-A and WLAN are being deployed and legacy systems are also been maintained thereby making the telecommunication systems environment highly dense and heterogeneous. The focus here would be specifically on LTE technology as the traditional network comprising of eNodeB and WLAN technology. There is a need to define a system-wise entity that will be activated when a user is in an area with overlapping access technologies and needs to decide which best suitable RAT to use. This will help to optimize the overall system performance metric in terms of throughput and capacity limitation. The availability of various access networks requires a mobile device to be capable of selecting the best access network with minimum user intervention. We present a design architecture that efficiently discovers available wireless networks, and implements automatic network selection based on several factors such as the conditions of accessible networks, requirements of active applications, and preferences of the mobile user. The management process between different wireless technologies for mobile devices is very important to complete the handover operations. The handover operation needs to determine the delay and packet loss in order to maintain the quality of service within a certain level. Selecting the best available network at the appropriate time is very significant in the direction of realizing ubiquitous networks. The main objective of this thesis work is to address solutions for Wi-Fi offloading in LTE networks when performance needs exceeds the capability of the LTE access. Therefore a network selection architectural design approach named Access Network Discovery Selection Function (ANDSF) is proposed. This approach enhances the option for integrating the novel network discovery and selection functionality in the 3GPP Evolved Packet Core thereby enabling an operator to manage the connections of the mobile devices. The ANDSF method utilizes the prioritized rating for multiple criteria proposed for selecting the target network.This approach is geared towards to outperform the traditional network selection methods in selecting the most appropriate network.en_US
dc.subjectAccess Network Discovery and Selection Functionen_US
dc.titleOptimization of Multiple Access using ANDSF over 4G Networken_US
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