標題: 健 康 管 理 App 設 計 實 作
Design and Implementation of an App for Health Management
作者: 沙畢娜
Sabrina Ifahdini Soraya
Ching, Yu-Tai
關鍵字: 數位數字識別;影像處理;智慧手機;android 應用程式;健康管理;digital number recognition;image processing;smartphone;android app;health management
公開日期: 2015
摘要: 最近來智能手機的要求與日俱增。在世界各地已廣泛的使用。智慧手機可以用來診斷各種各樣的醫療,包括心臟跳動檢測、咳嗽檢測、血壓檢測、肺功能分析、醫學監測等。智慧手機可以降低醫療成本,因為它是非常方便且便宜。智慧手機可以從家裡或從任何地方來診斷疾病的患者,可以讓病人更容易控制和監測他們的健康情況。在這種情況之下,智慧手機給生物醫學工程研究者去發展Android應用程式的機會,用來辨識數位數字,使用手機的相機雖然簡單但可以做重要的研究。 本研究將處理病人的心跳血壓數據,使用數位數字辨識並結合到雲端上。醫療監視器,如心跳和血壓,都是數位數字,我們可以取得和識別血氧飽和度的健康信息。透過網路將信息數據存儲在醫院系統。 此外醫務人員將記錄並保存這些信息,以隨時監控病人的健康狀況,病人不必離開家去醫院檢查。這將有助於病人,特別是對那些難以從一個地方到另一個地方移動的患者。
Recent days, smartphone has higher demanding day by day. It has been widely used all over the world. Smartphone can be used to diagnose a wide variety of medical condition including heart beat detection, cough detection, blood pressure detection, lung function analysis, medical monitoring, etc. Smartphone could ultimately reduce healthcare costs since it is very convenient. It has many abilities to diagnose ailments of patients from home or from anywhere. It will makes the patients easier to control and monitor their health conditions. In this way, it will give opportunity for biomedical engineering researcher to develop Android application in medical field to recognize the digital numbers. The use of camera on smartphone will leads to the various features of simplicity with great utility. This study will reviews state-of-the-art example of method to control the health information of patients/users by combining the technique of digital number recognition (image processing) and cloud computing. The health information of medical monitors such as heartbeat, blood pressure, oxygen saturation always written in digital numbers that we can acquire and recognize. Then the information data we already obtained will be sent through internet to be stored in hospital system. Furthermore, the medical staffs will record and save those information to always monitor the patients’ health condition without leaving the house to go to hospital. This will help patient especially for those who has difficulty to mobile from one place to another place.
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