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dc.contributor.authorChen, Wei-Chengen_US
dc.contributor.authorHuang, Chih-pinen_US
dc.description.abstract長期暴露在噪音環境下會造成勞工的聽力功能受損,間接提高職業災害的發生頻率,而傳統噪音暴露評估中,直接評估法在暴露位置、暴露時間和暴露量的強度三者上的資訊取得不足,間接評估法則有系統建置成本高或問卷調查的記憶誤差或問卷本身設計不良的問題。 本研究為突破傳統噪音暴露評估方法,研發一套應用iBeacon的噪音暴露評估系統,藉以利用噪音暴露評估裝置之噪音感測模組對應偵測周遭定點環境的噪音值,且將噪音測量值透過微控制器模組的運算後,可無線傳輸至位於感測範圍內且安裝有噪音感測行動應用程式的智慧型行動裝置,讓智慧型行動裝置接收低耗能傳輸模組(iBeacon)所持續推送的音源音量及距離資料。 研究結果顯示,iBeacon智慧噪音感測器在運作狀態下的耗電量約為10.2 mA,可持續工作超過10.7小時。iBeacon智慧噪音感測器之1 KHz頻率純音測試與定位性能測試均分別呈現高度相關,但各別模組間的距離解析度特性有所差異。整體系統測試值和理想自由音場中點音源SPL隨距離衰減曲線之差異比較檢定測試P值為0.42、0.23和0.41,皆大於0.05,顯示此兩者間並不具有顯著的差異性。綜上結果可知,本研究所開發之應用無線定位通訊技術的噪音暴露評估系統確實可以應用於個人噪音暴露評估中。zh_TW
dc.description.abstractLong exposure to a noisy environment may result in hearing loss, and indirectly increase the frequency of occupational accidents. Traditionally, with direct noise exposure assessments, people get insufficient information about labor’s positions, exposure time and exposure strength levels. And with indirect assessment, people may encounter problems such as high-cost system building, and memory failure by using questionnaire survey method, or even poor questionnaire design. The purpose of this study is to break through traditional noise exposure assessments and to develop a new noise exposure assessment system applied with iBeacon. Utilizing built-in noise sensing module to collect fixed-point environmental noise value. Those values would be calculated by the micro-controller module, then wirelessly transmitted to a smart mobile device, which installed with iBeacon Sound APP, in sensing area. And the smart mobile device continuously receives sound source values and distance data transmitted by Bluetooth Low Energy Beacon module. The result of practice shows that power consumption of Smart iBeacon Noise Sensor is about 10.2 mA. Estimated, the sensor can continuously work more than 10.7 hours. The results also indicate Smart iBeacon Noise Sensors are well correlated with 1 KHz pure tone. And the RSSI values of the sensors are well correlated with distance. However, distance resolution characteristics differ among individual modules. The difference between “the results curve of overall system test” and “the ideal curve of point source sound level drop per doubling of distance” is not so significant. The evidence confirms that the noise exposure assessment system developed in this study is applicable for personal noise exposure assessment.en_US
dc.subjectNoise exposure assessmenten_US
dc.subjectwireless location technologyen_US
dc.titleDevelopment of a Novel Noise Exposure Assessment System by Applying the Wireless Location and Communication Technologyen_US
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