Title: Comparative Assesment of Ground Plane and Strained based FDSOI MOSFET
Authors: Singh, Avtar
Adak, Sarosij
Pardeshi, Hemant
Sarkar, Arghyadeep
Sarkar, Chandan Kumar
Department of Materials Science and Engineering
Keywords: FDSOI;Strained FDSOI;Ground Plane in BOX;Ground Plane in substrate;DIBL
Issue Date: 1-Mar-2015
Abstract: In the present work, we have investigated the performance of ground plane and strained silicon on FDSOI MOSFETs. The 2D ATLAS simulations are done and the simulation model is validated with previously published experimental results. The transfer characteristics, DIBL, Vt, Ion and Ioff of all the structures are analyzed for 25 nm and 32 nm gate length. The effect of body thickness on device performance is also evaluated. Strained device offer higher drive current, but increases the leakage current. We have applied the ground plane to reduce the leakage current. The DIBL is higher for the strained device. DIBL in GPS and GPB structures (strained and unstrained) is almost same, and is lower than conventional FDSOI structure. The FDSOI devices have the lowest threshold voltage as compared to the GP and GPB devices, with GPB offering the highest Vt. The drain current is observed to increases almost linearly with body thickness. The deployment of ground plane and strained silicon on FDSOI MOSFET shows promise to substitute conventional MOSFET for high speed and low power applications.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/11536/124545
ISSN: 0352-9045
Volume: 45
Begin Page: 73
End Page: 79
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