Title: Characterization and density control of GaN nanodots on Si (111) by droplet epitaxy using plasma-assisted molecular beam epitaxy
Authors: Yu, Ing-Song
Chang, Chun-Pu
Yang, Chung-Pei
Lin, Chun-Ting
Ma, Yuan-Ron
Chen, Chun-Chi
Institute of Photonic System
Keywords: Molecular beam epitaxy;Gallium nitride;Quantum dots;Scanning photoemission microscopy;Reflection high-energy electron diffraction;Droplet epitaxy;Reflection high-energy electron diffraction;X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy
Issue Date: 17-Dec-2014
Abstract: In this report, self-organized GaN nanodots have been grown on Si (111) by droplet epitaxy method, and their density can be controlled from 1.1 x 10(10) to 1.1 x 10(11) cm(-2) by various growth parameters, such as substrate temperatures for Ga droplet formation, the pre-nitridation treatment of Si substrate, the nitridation duration for GaN crystallization, and in situ annealing after GaN formation. Based on the characterization of in situ RHEED, we can observe the surface condition of Si and the formation of GaN nanodots on Si. The surface nitridaiton treatment at 600 degrees C provides a-SiNx layer which makes higher density of GaN nanodots. Crystal GaN nanodots can be observed by the HRTEM. The surface composition of GaN nanodots can be analyzed by SPEM and mu-XPS with a synchrotron x-ray source. We can find GaN nanodots form by droplet epitaxy and then in situ annealing make higher-degree nitridation of GaN nanodots.
URI: http://dx.doi.org/10.1186/1556-276X-9-682
ISSN: 1556-276X
DOI: 10.1186/1556-276X-9-682
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