Title: Integration of in-situ load experiments and numerical modeling in a long-term bridge monitoring system on a newly-constructed widened section of freeway in Taiwan
Authors: Chiu, Yi-Tsung
Lin, Tzu-Kang
Hung, Hsiao-Hui
Sung, Yu-Chi
Chang, Kuo-Chun
Department of Civil Engineering
Keywords: bridge monitoring system;in-situ experiment;position sensitive detector
Issue Date: 1-Jun-2014
Abstract: The widening project on Freeway No.1 in Taiwan has a total length of roughly 14 kilometers, and includes three special bridges, namely a 216 m long-span bridge crossing the original freeway, an F-bent double decked bridge in a co-constructed section, and a steel and prestressed concrete composite bridge. This study employed in-situ monitoring in conjunction with numerical modeling to establish a real-time monitoring system for the three bridges. In order to determine the initial static and dynamic behavior of the real bridges, forced vibration experiments, in-situ static load experiments, and dynamic load experiments were first carried out on the newly-constructed bridges before they went into use. Structural models of the bridges were then established using the fmite element method, and in-situ vehicle load weight, arrangement, and speed were taken into consideration when performing comparisons employing data obtained from experimental measurements. The results showed consistency between the analytical simulations and experimental data. After determining a bridge\'s initial state, the proposed in-situ monitoring system, which is employed in conjunction with the established fmite element model, can be utilized to assess the safety of a bridge\'s members, providing useful reference information to bridge management agencies.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/11536/124014
ISSN: 1738-1584
Volume: 13
Begin Page: 1015
End Page: 1039
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