Title: 台灣數位內容產業專業人才培訓問題探討:以遊戲、動畫產業為例
The Problems of School Training Courses with the Digital Content Industry in Taiwan: A Case Study of Game and Animation Industry
Authors: 洪雅玲
Yah-Ling Hung
Department of Communication and Technology
Keywords: 數位媒體;數位內容;人才培訓;動畫;遊戲;動畫產業;遊戲產業;Digital Media;Digital Content Industry;Personnel Training;Animation;Game;Animation Industry;Game Industry
Issue Date: 2007
Abstract: 本研究想以一個專業技術培育者的角色,從學界的培訓與產界的需求等供需現況切入,探討台灣數位內容產業專業人才培訓問題。採用內容分析法,透過大學博覽會入口網站,搜尋學界相關科系的教學目標與課程設計;輔以深度訪談法,拜訪台灣動畫、遊戲產業界的企劃、研發、人力主管,瞭解產界心目中理想的人才培訓模式,再針對搜尋與訪談所得的資料加以分析歸納,設法找出產學相符的培訓方向。進一步對政府、業界、學界提出解決人才需求之因應策略,以提昇台灣在數位內容產業方面的國際競爭力。
In order to discuss the problems of school training courses with the digital-content industry, this paper collected data from college websites and adopted in-depth interviews with professionals from the game and animation industry. By using content analysis, I tried to find out the ideal training models to fit the demands of the digital-media industry. The conclusions of this study offer some suggestions to the government, the industry, and the school for personnel training in Taiwan.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/11536/123760
Journal: 資訊社會研究
Journal of Cyber Culture and Information Society
Volume: 12
Begin Page: 213
End Page: 240
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