Title: 議會網站評估架構之初探:以台北市議會和上海市人大為例
Preliminary Study on Evaluation Framework for Parliament Websites: The Cases of Taipei City Council and Shanghai People's Assembly
Authors: 左正東
Chen-Dong Tso
Department of Communication and Technology
Keywords: 電子化政府;電子議會;資訊公開;台北市議會;上海市人大;electronic government;electronic parliament;information;transparency;Taipei City Council;Shanghai People's Assembly
Issue Date: 2010
Abstract: 自從二十世紀九十年代起,各國紛紛投入電子化政府的建設,將資訊科技運用於政府的日常運作,其最具象徵意義者,莫過於各國政府機關所建置的機關網站。儘管最初的努力集中於行政部門的網站建置,但很快的,各國國會也紛紛架構起專屬的機關網站。事實上,立法部門網站的重要性絕不亞於行政部門,對於民主政治來說,立法部門通過網站建置所達成的資訊公開可以強化民眾參與、提升參與品質、以及促進公民社會形成。因此,本文通過檢討資訊時代的代表理論,且參考國際組織和其他研究者的研究成果,提出立法機構網站的評估架構,再以台北市議會和上海市人大作為研究個案,進行實驗性的評估,以了解評估指標|的適用性,並探索影響議會資訊公開的關鍵因素。
Since the 1990s, countries around the world have been involved in promoting electronic government to apply information technology to daily operation of respective governments. Among them, the most symbolic development is the establishment of government websites in these countries. While the initial efforts were made on constructing websites for the executive branch, the focus was turned to those for the legislative branch later on. In fact, the websites for the legislative branch is no less important than those for the executive branch. It bears vital significance for democracies with regard to the contribution of legislature websites to enhance civic participation, improve quality of democratic process, and promote formation of civil society. Knowing that, this paper reflects on theory of representation in the information age and consults on research findings from major international organizations and scholars to establish a preliminary set of evaluation indicators. By this tentative framework, this paper conducts a pioneering study on examining websites of Taipei City Council and Shanghai People's Assembly, so that the fitness of this framework can be evaluated and the factors that resulting in legislature information transparency through official websites can be explored.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/11536/123719
Journal: 資訊社會研究
Journal of Cyber Culture and Information Society
Volume: 18
Begin Page: 401
End Page: 430
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