Title: 數位時代之空間-時間敘事結構初探:以Façade網站為例
On spatial-temporal Narrative Structures in Digital Times: An Example of Façade
Authors: 黃齡儀
Ling-Yi Huang
Department of Communication and Technology
Keywords: 敘事結構;時間敘事;空間敘事;循路文本;敘事建築師;spatial-temporal narrative structure;narrative architects;ergodic texts story-existence
Issue Date: 2009
Abstract: 數位時代中,新科技提供各種機緣,使得人類傳統的核心活動-說故事產生了各種形變與質變的可能。而在各種可能中,由時間到空間敘事的轉向是敘事學、認知心理學、認知語言學和人工智慧領域中相當重要的議題。因此,本研究欲關注空間敘事之議題,並提出下列問題:空間敘事在數位媒介中可以如何發揮,並結合時間敘事以說一則故事? 研究結果除了指出Façade之敘事結構外,並發現如下:首先,Façade透過Chatman敘事結構中之存在物,包括不同場景與人物觀點發揮其空間敘事,而空間敘事主要來自不同使用者之輸入而產生;其次,Façade雖透過空間敘事發展事件,卻適時的融合了時間敘事;最後,Façade雖透過節點線性時間敘事,但在三個節點之間採用了多重時間的敘事策略。綜合上述,本研究發現了各種非線性因果敘事之可能,希望藉由本研究,能夠應用到未來數位敘事之設計,並培養數位敘事之建築師。
In digital times, new technology makes all kinds of conditions possible, which greatly changes human being's traditional way of storytelling. Among a variety of possibilities, the shift from temporality to spatiality is a significant issue for narratology, cognitive psychology, cognitive linguistics and artificial intelligence. Thus, this research focuses on the topic of spatial narrative, and thereby raises the question like: How does a spatial narrative, together with temporal narrative, tell a story? In addition to the revealing of Façade's narrative structure, the findings also discover the following: First, through Chatmen's beings within the narrative structure, that includes different scenes, character and the inputs of different users, the spatial narrative of the Façade is formed. Second, Façade combines spatial and temporal narrative structures; Finally, Façade has used polychrony narrative strategies between three nodes. Above all, this research has discovered the possibilities of spatial narratives. We hope this can be applied to the future narrative design and can contribute to develop narrative architects.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/11536/123708
Journal: 資訊社會研究
Journal of Cyber Culture and Information Society
Volume: 16
Begin Page: 135
End Page: 160
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