Title: 初探傳播科技在部落:網咖與蘭嶼原住民日常生活
Aboriginal Audience and Communication Technology: Internet Café in Tao's Everyday Lives
Authors: 張玉佩
Yu-Pei Chang
Department of Communication and Technology
Keywords: 原住民;達悟族;蘭嶼;閱聽人研究;網路文化;Indigeneity;Tao;Orchid Island;Audience research;Internet culture
Issue Date: 2012
Abstract: 當資訊科技的近用被視為是國人基本生活權時,傳播科技的基礎建設也在國家政府的推動下進入蘭嶼原住民生活脈絡。本文將焦點放在傳播科技與原住民社會的辯證關係,以「蘭嶼網咖」為研究場域,採用民族誌研究方法,嘗試厚描傳播科技與蘭嶼原住民社會的互動與意義。研究發現,蘭嶼青少年透過網咖互動而集結成為詮釋社群,蘭嶼特殊的地理環境則影響網路傳輸品質、軟硬體維護等,而傳播科技/外來漢化力量,正在衝擊著蘭嶼日常生活。當原住民社會邁向現代化、資訊化建構的同時,原住民社會的邊界正在融解,潛藏在原住民社會與傳播科技交鋒背後的漢化、全球化、商業化等力量,隨著網路科技的進入,「原民性」與主流社會秩序的協商辯證仍不斷地在進行中。
Indigenous media have become an intensely debated subject in discussions of cultural diversity and access to communication technologies. In many circles, the question of the equitable and affordable access to communication and information has begun to be conceptualized as integral to human rights and as an essential element in the foundation of a knowledge and/ or information society. The purpose of the paper is to analyze how marginalized peoples perceived and positioned themselves in relation to global computer networking, and how these sociotechnical apparatuses figured in local life worlds. This paper took ethnography as research method to explore the indigenous Internet practices by observing Internet cafes in Orchid Island. It argues that, beyond consideration f the social impact of communication technologies on indigenous cultures, it is also relevant to consider the cultural construction of new technologies of information and communication in order to better understand the ways in which indigenous peoples adopt and make use of new digital technologies according to interpretative communities and customs of everyday life. The chapter concludes by supporting the need for self-identification of local practices and knowledge within the communities in order to design adequate strategies to gain benefit from the use of communication technologies.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/11536/123702
Journal: 資訊社會研究
Journal of Cyber Culture and Information Society
Volume: 23
Begin Page: 96
End Page: 119
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