Title: 著作權法三振條款制度對著作權平衡保護的影響
The Impact of Graduated Response on the Copyright Protection from the View of Balanced Interest
Authors: 葉志良
Chih-Liang Yeh
Department of Communication and Technology
Keywords: 著作權法;三振條款;著作權警報系統;網路服務提供者民事免責規範;copyright law;graduated response;three strikes;copyright alerts;DMCA safe harbors
Issue Date: 2012
Abstract: 由於對網路的強烈依賴,中斷網路使用可說是對人民基本權利的侵害。近年媒體與娛樂產業亟欲對網路上著作侵權行為進行各種自律或他律措施。2008年美國唱片業協會為減少對侵權者進行訟爭,與ISP合作採取「三振條款」,由ISP對屢次侵權者進行斷線措施;然此措施恐有違反法律正當程序而飽受批評。2011年7月美國影視聽組織與ISP宣布採納三振條款的進階規範-「著作權警報系統」,一旦發現侵權行為,使用者將收到數階段警告信而自制,對屢勸不聽者雖未要求ISP終止其帳號,但可以「緩解措施」處置;然ISP仍因DMCA避風港規範,為享受免責利益「依附」於著作權人陣營,使被動與弱勢的使用者原可利用與分享的空間逐漸窄化。在著作權體系下,著作權人、ISP與使用者原處於平衡的三角關係遭到破壞。本文從知識流通與查緝盜版的公私權衡進行分析,認為建立著作權體系的平衡保護,始為討論著作權保護的真義所在。
It has been widely acknowledged that disconnection of Internet access is an invasion of fundamental right. Recently the media and entertainment industries were seeking the self-regulatory measures or legislation to curtail the litigations of copyright infringement online. The ”Graduated Response” was introduced in 2008 by the right owners jointly with ISPs to implement the measure of Internet disconnection on the repeated infringers. This measure has been criticized for it is lack of due process and proportionality. In July 2011, the big labels and ISPs jointly adopted ”Copyright Alert System” and asserted to send multiple notices to the alleged infringer. In spite of not required implementing the disconnection of Internet, ISPs may punish accused subscribers by the ”mitigation measures.” ISPs are gradually partial to the right owners due to the safe harbors stipulated in the Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998. The room for users to fairly use and sharing are reduced and thus the balanced relationship among right owners, ISPs and users has been destroyed. This paper is to discuss how to preserve the public/private interests of knowledge flow and infringement combat and how to build up a well-balanced copyright protection, so as to discover the core meaning of copyright.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/11536/123698
Journal: 資訊社會研究
Journal of Cyber Culture and Information Society
Volume: 22
Begin Page: 79
End Page: 114
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