Title: 線上自我與線下自我的平衡:BBS版主自我肯定初探
The Balance between Online-Self and Offline-Self: The Study on Self-Affirmation of the Board Managers in BBS
Authors: 李孟壕
Meng-Hao Li
Department of Communication and Technology
Keywords: 電子佈告欄;情感性關係;工具性關係;自我系統;自我肯定;Bulletin Board System (BBS);Expressive Ties;Instrumental Ties;Self-System;Self-Affirmation
Issue Date: 2002
Abstract: 本研究嚐試以線上為主體的思考,觀察版主線上的活動如何與線下的自我連結?研究對象為台灣大學院校BBS站台版主,使用網路問卷調查法,總計回收有效問卷349份。調查中探討版主情感性關係與工具性關係如何影響其線上的自我肯定,並援用「自我肯定理論」,觀察版主線上自我肯定與線下自我肯定如何在「自我系統」運作的情形,研究結果發現,情感性關係與工具性關係的增加,皆會對線上自我肯定增強。然而,當線上自我肯定增強,線下自我肯定變弱時,版主會對線上和線下的自我產生認知上的失調,因此版主會經由肯定其線上的表現來維持自我系統的平衡;反之,當線上自我遭受威脅時,版主會以提昇線下的自我肯定以維護自我系統。
The cyberspace is a new context for the theoretical thinking of self and identity. Following the thinking of multiple identities suggested by Turkle, this paper argues that the multiple identities, as different sets of a role, may both provide self affirmation in our self system. This paper first tries to examine the interaction between the online-self and the offline-self. An online electrical survey for the board mangers in various BBS was conducted. With 349 responded questionnaires, we found that while the intensities of expressive ties and instrumental ties increase, the self-affirmation of the board managers is strengthened. Interestingly, when the online-self affirmation is strengthened, the offline-self affirmation is weakened.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/11536/123644
Journal: 資訊社會研究
Journal of Cyber Culture and Information Society
Volume: 2
Begin Page: 117
End Page: 138
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