Title: 線上購物網站值得消費者信任的因素之研究
Exploring the Critical Factors of the Shopping-Website Trustworthiness
Authors: 邱顯貴
Hsien-Kuei Chiu
Heng-Li Yang
Department of Communication and Technology
Keywords: 信任;值得信任;資訊隱私權;網站;電子商務;顧客關系;Trust;Trustworthiness;Information privacy;Website;e-commerce;Customer relationship
Issue Date: 2003
Abstract: 本研究發掘網站值得消費者信任的重要因素和這些因素在消費者心目中的重要性之排序。本研究結果將作為企業組織建構網站值得消費者信任時的重要參考。 在電子化網路時代,企業建構電子商務網站成為重要的經營策略之一。然而企業的電子商務網站該從事那方面的努力以建立網站信任,來舒緩或減低消費者對隱私權的顧慮和建構安心購物的環境,成為當今重要的議題。本研究以台灣的企業對消費者的購物網站為例,進行網站值得信任的研究。本研究不但建構線上購物網站信任的組成因素,並且找出網站關鍵因素的重要性排序。研究過程中,並將以不同方式驗證『網站值得顧客信任』的組成在重要性在排序上的內部一致性。本研究結果顯示,構成網站值得消費者信任的因素可分為能力、正直、與關係三類,並可進一步細分為十三類因素。透過此研究將提供電子商務網站建立網站信任的方向,以及日後評估網站信任指數高低的參考。
Building transaction and long-term relationships with customers is very important for a shopping website. Besides, the website’s trustworthiness is the key to successfully building customer relationship. A trustworthy website allows customers to shop with safety along within their buying life cycle. Therefore, the paper attempts to delve into the structure of website trustworthiness and identifies its critical components by reviewing the literature and measuring web users’ attitudes, as well as consulting professionals in the information Society. The result of this study shows that the website trustworthiness consists of three dimensions: ability, integrity, and relation. These dimensions can be further divided into 13 factors, and a total of 53 detailed items. Moreover, the study also identifies the importance rank of 13 factors as well as the 53 detailed items. The major contribution of this paper is to provide a website operator the direction toward creating its trusted environment and also helps a party evaluating a website’s trustworthiness level.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/11536/123602
Journal: 資訊社會研究
Journal of Cyber Culture and Information Society
Volume: 5
Begin Page: 139
End Page: 174
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