Title: 資訊尋求行為與閱讀情境差異性之探索:傳統報閱聽人與電子報閱聽人之分析比較
Exploration of Differences of Readers' Information Seeking Behaviors and Reading Situations between Electronic and Traditional Newspapers
Authors: 陳祥
Hsiang Chen
Yu-Jen Tsai
Department of Communication and Technology
Keywords: 資訊尋求行為;閱讀情境;電子報;傳統報紙;information seeking behavior;reading situations;electronic newspapers;traditional newspapers
Issue Date: 2005
Abstract: 本研究從情境的角度出發,試圖比較傳統報與電子報閱聽人在閱報情境與資訊尋求行為上的差異性。本研究以分成電子報與傳統報兩組之開放性問卷方式,利用「時空定位法」對209位閱聽人進行調查,其中發現電子報的近接性遠低於傳統報,且電子報的主動閱讀性易成為閱讀行為的障礙,致使電子報的閱聽人必須具備較強的閱讀動機與意志力方能進行閱報行為與養成持續的閱報習慣。本研究建議電子報網站應利用輕薄短小的文章與「拉」的技術來吸引閱聽人,並應建立能持續滿足閱聽人好奇心的機制來延長閱聽人停留的時間。本研究的發現將有助於大眾傳播界發展出符合網路特性與滿足閱聽人資訊尋求行為模式的電子報。
For exploring reading situations and information seeking behaviors, this study is based on the model of situationalism. The author surveys 209 readers of electronic and traditional newspaper with open-ended questionnaires. Results indicate that the lower accessibility and required higher motivation restrict readers of electronic newspapers from building consistent accessing behavior. The study recommends using shorter articles as well ”pulling” techniques to attract readers. Further, a series of steps taken to satisfy readers' curiosity would help electronic newspapers to prolong readers' stay on their websites. The findings of this study would contribute to developing the capacity of electronic newspapers to meet readers' information seeking needs.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/11536/123595
Journal: 資訊社會研究
Journal of Cyber Culture and Information Society
Volume: 8
Begin Page: 193
End Page: 211
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