Title: Reducing the Digital Divide: A Critical Focus
Authors: R. Rasiah
B. Oyelaran-Oyeyinka
Department of Communication and Technology
Keywords: 數位落差;資訊傳播科技;發展中經濟;digital divide;information communication technology;developing economies
Issue Date: 2004
Abstract: 本文檢視介於南北半球之間、區域或國家之內的數位落差所顯現的發展落差。我們認為,落差情況難以逆轉的最根本問題繫乎於基礎數位進路之缺乏,這個問題因貧窮國家普遍的低技術水平和知識而更加惡化。此外,開發中國家的工業在極差的傳播條件下也平白斷送相當多的利基。本文提出一些政策和制度方向冀望能因此而縮短數位落差之現狀。
This paper examines the developmental divide manifested in the digital divide between the North and the South and indeed within regions and countries. We suggest that the most fundamental problem preventing a reversal of the divide is access, exacerbated by the widespread low levels of skills and knowledge in poor countries. In addition, industry stands to lose considerable benefit from the poor communication infrastructure that characterizes developing countries. The paper suggests a number of policy and institutional directions for bridging the digital divide.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/11536/123591
Journal: 資訊社會研究
Journal of Cyber Culture and Information Society
Volume: 7
Begin Page: 1
End Page: 25
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